Friday, December 3

Shooting on the street in Florida left two police officers injured and the alleged gunman dead

The two officers were transferred to intensive care after the exchange of gunfire.

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Two policemen in Doral, Florida, were shot this Friday morning after a subject opened fire on the agents, who responded to the shots and managed to kill the gunman; the two officers were injured but are expected to survive.

The shooting took place after 11:00 am (local time) in Northwest 25th Street, en 92nd Avenue, next to the police headquarters of Miami-Dade. According to statements by King Valdes, Doral Police Spokesperson, the shooting was staged after a car chased another on public roads after a “dispute” between drivers.

Added Valdes that one of the cars was heading toward the headquarters of the Miami-Dade in search of shelter from the other vehicle that was chasing him, and which was driven by the gunman. He later reported that he went off the road and crashed into a tree, to then start the hail of bullets.

“From what the officers tell us, he crashed his vehicle, and without lasting it, he jumped out of the vehicle and opened fire on the officers”said the spokesman, who stated that the gunman had riddled the car of a police officer Doral with at least six shots.

On the situation of the two officers shot, Valdes He pointed out that one of the officers was wounded in the face by shrapnel and broken glass and the other was shot in the chest, one in the arm and one in the leg, but was saved by his bulletproof vest. Both were rushed to the Jackson West Medical Center and then to Ryder Trauma Center, in serious but stable condition, reported Miami Herald.

Through a video of a passerby who was able to record part of the incident, several people can be seen protecting themselves closely behind their cars in the parking lot of the police headquarters of Miami-Dadeas officers approached the shooting.

Nonetheless, Juan Carlos Bermudez, Mayor of Doral, referred to the incident that occurred this Friday as something “Unusual”, and noted: “We are very lucky that there were no other victims.”

The shooting is currently under investigation, and the identity of the deceased gunman has not been released, with this case occurring only a week after the Hollywood police officer, Yandy Chirino, 28, was shot to death in the middle of a fight with a suspect.

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