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Should pregnant women get vaccinated against Covid-19?

Should pregnant women get vaccinated against Covid-19?

Should pregnant women get vaccinated against Covid-19?

When all the autonomous communities are already vaccinating those under 40 years of age, it is also the turn of pregnant women or those who plan to be pregnant, since the criterion that prevails is that of age.

“At first, pregnant women were excluded from vaccination against COVID19, because there were no scientific studies to support it. However, with the passage of time and the advance of scientific evidence, the first thing we must be clear about is that messenger RNA vaccines, which are the ones that have been analyzed in this group, they are safe and effective also for pregnant women, so nurses and midwives should recommend vaccination to patients in their consultations, both during pregnancy and breastfeeding “, highlights Florentino Pérez Raya, president of the General Council of Diseaseslaugh.

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In this same line, José Antonio Forcada, president of the Nursing and Vaccine Association (ANENVAC) recalls that with this vaccine “we are protecting women from the risks derived from becoming infected with coronavirus during pregnancy, thus preventing it from becoming a risky pregnancy. If it is infected during pregnancy, it has a higher risk of developing severe COVID-19, but also of premature delivery, pre-eclampsia and thrombi “, he emphasizes.

In fact, Montserrat Angulo, midwife member of the CGE, remember that «especially if it is in the third trimester, the scientific evidence tells us that there is a greater risk that the baby will arrive prematurely, that it will have a preterm delivery. If she is vaccinated, she will pass immunity to her baby, which will protect her against COVID-19 at birth. Therefore, what is being recommended is vaccination.

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The vaccine does not harm lactation or fertility treatments

The midwife Montserrat Angulo stresses that “according to the latest available evidence, what we know is that it is not necessary to postpone any type of fertility or in vitro fertilization treatment, or to wait any time to seek pregnancy. The vaccine neither causes infertility nor increases the risk of miscarriage. ‘

The only precaution in case the woman is subjected to this type of treatment “is to avoid vaccination three days before and after undergoing an oocyte retrieval, embryo transfer or insemination” explains Angulo.

This exception has nothing to do with any vaccination problem, it is simply a way of being able to “better monitor the possible side effects of the treatment,” the midwife emphasizes.

Nor does it involve any type of inconvenience with breastfeeding, rather the opposite, since “through breast milk, the immunity acquired by the mother is transmitted to the baby,” highlights the midwife of the CGE.

What do I need to know about the Covid-19 vaccine?

From the General Council of Nursing have prepared a document in order to clarify all the doubts and questions that women of childbearing age, pregnant or in treatment of fertility.

General issues

Before pregnancy


Fertility treatments

In any case, Nursing professionals remember that the final decision must be made by the mother.

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But in case of doubt, they recommend that you assess with your midwife or with the reference health professional who controls your pregnancy and your level of risk of exposure, since it is not the same to be teleworking than serving the public.

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They should also take into account all the risks of contracting the disease to both mother and baby, as well as the already known benefits of vaccination and the growing evidence for the safety of vaccination. vaccine in pregnancy.

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