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Should the Chicago Bears target Jarvis Landry next free agency?

With the recent outbreak of Jarvis Landry on Twitter and Instagram, it’s obvious that free agent rumors and trade talks will be tossed around. And because of that, of course, the Chicago Bears are brought up.

Could Jarvis Landry aid the Chicago Bears’ lack of wide receiver depth?

As of right now, the Chicago Bears, don’t have the most explosive wide receiver corps. I know… real breaking news. Outside of Darnell Mooney, the Bears have yet to get real solid production from any of the other receivers likely returning in 2022. Yes, that means I’m going off the idea that Allen Robinson doesn’t return.

When you look at the other receivers on this team, outside of the two I just mentioned, it’s a whole lot of promise but not much production.

2021 Chicago Bears top receivers (not including Mooney or Robinson)

  • Cole Kmet (TE)
    60 receptions, 612 yards, 0 TDs
  • David Montgomery (RB)
    42 receptions, 301 yards, 0 TDs
  • Damiere Byrd (WR)
    26 receptions, 329 yards, 1 TD
  • Marquise Goodwin (WR)
    20 receptions, 313 yards, 1 TD
  • Damien Williams (RB)
    16 receptions, 103 yards, 1 TD

So, as you can see, catching the ball for positive yards didn’t necessarily fall into the Chicago Bears powerhouse. Between the three-headed quarterback in Andy Dalton, Justin Fields, and Nick Foles, as well as the incompetence of Matt Nagy running an offense, being a good receiver was more of a challenge than expected.

While looking to “ammo-up” on offensive weapons, Jarvis Landry’s name is being tossed out as a good future possibility for the Chicago Bears.

Considering he’s still under contract with the Cleveland Browns until 2023, it’d take more than just a signing to get him into Chicago sooner. And personally, I’m not for trading draft capital for Jarvis Landry.

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However, what I am kind of for is getting him next season when he should be a whole lot cheaper than he is now. And even then, I’m not fully sold on the idea. It’s also possible that the Browns cut him. Landry is due $16.3 million in 2022, but if the Browns were to cut him, they’d save nearly $15 million dollars.

After signing a five-year deal for $75.5M, it’s likely that the average cost-per-year to have Jarvis Landry line up as wideout will go down. Not only is Landry going to be 31 next season, but the past two seasons in a row he didn’t break 1,000 receiving yards. Sure, there were other things that could’ve caused that, but that could be said for everyone in the league at some point. Those two points alone take away a pretty decent chunk of cash, let alone the fact that he’s coming back off an injury.

Even though Jarvis Landry is a very solid receiver, I think the Chicago Bears should stick to getting receivers in this year’s free agency, as the wide receiver pool is absolutely big enough for the Bears to get a guy that can add the much-needed wide receiver depth for this upcoming season. To me, that makes far more sense than waiting a year for Jarvis Landry.

Who knows, maybe I’ll look back on this article and wonder, “What the hell was I thinking?” Until then, the opinion stands.

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