Sunday, December 5

Shouts of “traitor” and whistles against Oriol Junqueras in the night event of the Diada in the Fosar de las Moreras




Shouts and whistles against Oriol Junqueras, president of ERC, at the night event last midnight that led to September 11 and was held -as every year- in the Fosar de las Moreras (Barcelona), to remember those who died in the Austracist ranks in 1714 defending the city in the War of Succession and they were buried in that place. This year, the traditional torch march was also recovered.

Junqueras attended the event, in which he intervened, and upon arriving at the Fosar he was received amid applause, shouts of “botifler” and “traitor” and whistles, according to several digital media and TV3. The ERC leader was accused of wanting to negotiate with the Government of Spain instead of defending the unilateral way to achieve the independence of Catalonia, following the strategy that culminated in 2017 with the dismissal of the Generalitat, the suspension of the Parliament and some of the political leaders, such as the then regional president, Carles Puigdemont, fled from Spain to prevent the action of the Justice.

After the whistles, Junqueras used much of his speech to defend yourself against accusations on the part of the most radical independence movement and that now welcomes the positions of Junts, whose co-leader Jordi Sànchez intervened half an hour before the ERC leader. Junqueras assured that “in the same way that the prisons have not silenced us, neither the insults nor the threats will silence us.” “We are not afraid of anyone”, added.

In any case, the event had a soulless appearance and with less participation than in other years, before the Covid-19 pandemic. The former regional president also participated in it Quim Roast, that he regretted the “disunity” of the independentistas which, in his opinion, prevents the completion of secession, a political objective that did not advance during his term (2018-2020) and ended up being dismissed after accepting disqualification from public office for disobedience.

In addition, Torra complained about the appearance of the Borne neighborhood at night, in which the museum that vindicates the Barcelona battle of 1714 that he led (2012-2015) is located, a few meters from the Fosar, and that it is a place party and nightlife with crowds of young people drinking in the streets. Last night, the contrast between the attendance of people from one place and another evidenced the difference between the political ‘reality’ of secessionism and the social reality of the Catalans in 2021.

In the same scenario, this Saturday morning, usual for the most radical independence movement, there have been incidents between secessionists self-styled ‘anti-fascists‘, and a group they have mistaken for a far-right party.

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