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SIA, from Indra, buys the technology company from Extremadura Mobbeel

Members of the founding team of Mobbeel. / today

Based in Cáceres, the company is specialized in the field of digital identity verification

SIA, the Minsait (Indra) cybersecurity company, has acquired the Extremaduran company Mobbeel to “grow in digital identity services”, as reported by the company in a statement.

The acquired company, based in Cáceres, is one of the companies with “most advanced” systems in the field of digital identity verification through biometric recognition solutions with a presence in more than 30 countries and 60% of international clients.

Mobbeel has implemented its solutions in sectors such as Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, Automotive and Tourism clients.

The CEO of SIA, Luis Álvarez, has highlighted the key role that protection plays in organizations and the complement that Mobbeel’s biometric services represent to SIA’s portfolio and, therefore, to Minsait and the Indra group.

For his part, the CEO of Mobbeel, José Luis Huertas, has underlined the commercial growth that the agreement will entail for the firm, as well as the possibility of achieving “more ambitious objectives”.

SIA manages more than two million corporate identities a day, as well as more than 400,000 signatures.

technological vanguard

The firm from Extremadura offers several biometric security solutions for mobile devices. This young technology-based company was born in Extremadura in 2009 and did so with “a strong international projection” to position the region at the technological forefront.

Five engineers from Extremadura knew how to detect the need to increase the security of these devices and created the technology. Mobbeel pioneered mobile biometric recognition technology without the need for specific hardware.

Another product that Mobbeel offers is the real-time scanning and verification of more than 250 different identity documents (driving license, passport, resident card…). It not only collects the information of a document, or validates its veracity, but also uses facial biometric recognition – asking the user for a selfie – to verify that the person who is presenting the document is the same one that appears in the photo of said document. document, being its rightful owner.

Another solution that works is multi-biometric authentication only through the multiple sensors that mobile devices bring. With a terminal you can perform facial or iris recognition through the camera, voice through the microphone, biometric signature through the screen, or fingerprint with the reader that is already incorporated in most phones.

Mobbeel has hundreds of clients (some like JPMorgan) related to banking, the stock market, insurance companies, or a booming sector such as online gaming.

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