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Sightings and other events in the province

It is curious to know that Alicante is one of the provinces with the most sects of Spain as well as to pull the newspaper library and discover the occasions in which more than one person from Alicante has believed they were near a UFO. Although formally the word only means “Unidentified Flying Object” who has seen enough chapters of Proceedings X will know that when we talk about UFOs, the first thing that comes to mind is an alien: something that comes from outside, which, although it does not have to be dangerous if it exists (the octopods of the “The arrival”, from Denis Villeneuve, they gave us a good lesson about it) give, like everything unidentified, bad feeling.

We must go back to the end of the seventies to know a story in which the UFOs “visited” Alicante: On December 29, 1976 and on May 27, 1977 many Alicante residents observed these unidentified objects in the sky. They gave so much to talk about that they came to occupy the front pages of this same newspaper, so the perplexity of the citizens was such.

“A strange metallic object in the shape of a sphere that gave off strong green flashes ”, this was the testimony of a neighbor of Beautiful view that more than forty years ago Pirula Alderius collected in INFORMATION.

In the year 2016, the Ministry of Defense made public 80 files on sightings of unidentified objects in the country’s airspace during the 1990s. However, two of these “UFO Files” referred to previous events, specifically recorded in the province of Alicante between 1975 and 1986.

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Those two UFOs seen in Alicante and San Vicente del Raspeig 42 years ago

The horizon remains for most a strange territory, so many sightings have been mistaken for ships, planes or other objects when they were simply events astronomical natural. Social networks have given a good account of this and help to promote the “UFO mystery” with such rapid dissemination that the viral news does not take long to reach a professional in the sky who can, as quickly as it emerged, undo the hoax.

The same was what happened in February of this year, when a strange unidentified light crossed the sky of the province and could be captured by mobile phones, which quickly went viral. The clearest ones were captured from the Torres beach, in the Vila Joiosa, around 7.00 am: “It doesn’t look like a plane or a probe balloon”the witnesses testified. The professionals of the Laboratory of Climatology of the University of Alicante They did not take long to echo the UFO event and shared the video along with their theory: “It could be the re-entry into the atmosphere of a space bolide.” Theory that the Bolides and Meteorites Research Network (SPMN) account confirmed shortly thereafter.

Entrance to the atmosphere of a space car as seen from the province.

Other sightings, such as the one recorded by a neighbor of Campoamor in 2016 they did not get such a prompt response: “It is debated whether it is a flying saucer, an angel, a drone or any other type of object, such as an inflatable figure letting itself be carried away by the wind.” The truth is that the video did not leave the answers entirely clear and the thing remained a mystery.

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And the thing is that there are things that have to remain that way, without an answer, perhaps so that more films can be shot about nice or unpleasant visitors from other planets.

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