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Signs of poor hydration

This is one of the main reasons why UMH professionals encourage you to drink water even if you are not thirsty. The human population is born with 70% of its body in the form of water and, as time progresses, this percentage decreases, until it reaches 50% in the elderly. To talk about dehydration, you have to lose 10% of the body’s water, so the amount is not the same for a child as for an elderly person.

A lying child refreshes himself with the jets of water that come out of a public fountain. | ELISE AMENDOLA

The problem is aggravated in summer with high temperatures and humid nights, in which you continue to sweat. “Dehydration influences our entire state of health, not only momentarily, but also in the long term. It may be related to urological, intestinal or kidney disorders ”, warns Beltrá, who, on the contrary, drinking too much water, argues that it would be almost impossible to harm the body because for this it would be necessary to ingest more than a liter every half hour.

Value as a nutrient

The precious clear liquid has enormous value as a nutrient for human health. Proof of this, the experts from the University of Elche point out, is that a person would die if they go 72 hours without drinking. On the other hand, without eating you can last between two and four months, depending on the body’s reserves, as is seen when someone goes on a hunger strike. It is also important that both meals, snacks and dinners are accompanied by water, they emphasize.

One of the fundamental aspects of this issue is the dangers of poor hydration, the signs of which translate mainly into obesity and heart, kidney and cognitive problems. “It is a field in which a lot of work still needs to be done. For example, it has been proven that if migraines are suffered, with correct hydration, the intensity of this pain is lower. It is issues of constipation, especially in the case of women, improvements are also achieved, “says Beltrá.

The UMH professional also emphasizes issues related to the brain: “In the case of children, if they hydrate well, their cognitive effect improves. If 60% of the body of an adult is water, the brain also has an important part of water, its cells are made up of it. If there is poor hydration, cells lose fluid, as does the heart or kidney. This also causes changes in the functioning of the metabolism. For a person with diabetes, for example, the lack of water puts a greater effort in losing glucose ».

Is there a better way to drink? The UMH professors also have an answer to this question. His recommendation is to drink throughout the day, in small amounts, because the body absorbs better. “It is not enough to drink a liter at once when we get thirsty”, adds Beltrá, who also ensures that when you do more than half an hour of continuous physical activity it is important to introduce isotonic drinks with mineral salts and carbohydrates of rapid assimilation.

In the case of sedentary people, with a normal diet, the contribution of this type of drinks is not necessary because the only thing they would do is increase the simple sugars that are consumed throughout the day. International organizations recommend that the daily sugar intake does not exceed 10% of the total caloric intake, which for a sedentary adult is estimated at about 2,000 kilocalories.

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