Sunday, September 24

Silence for Tomás Campos on Easter Sunday in Madrid

The right-handed Tomás Campos enters to kill his first during the bullfight on Easter Sunday, in the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas with bulls from El Montecillo. / EFE/Zipi Aragon


A graceful and light work by Curro Díaz. With an uncertain third, Tomás Campos, from Extremadura, Valeroso Sergio Serrano proves his good air again

The bull of the bullfight was a quarter cinqueño of beautiful workmanship. In the type and prototype of its original provenance: Juan Pedro. Black splashed, very astifino. He did not want a horse, he returned to the rumps and a veteran and wise chopper, Luis Miguel Viloria, knew how to hit an excellent last punch at the covered start. Hurt at a second testimonial rod, he came loose and then fled.

In Curro Díaz’s reception sets -excellent placement, disparate achievements, great intentions, two improper hooks- the bull had stretched and dropped with son. A rich gallop in banderillas and a remarkable, frank and prompt attack on the crutch. Transparent on the right hand, more expensive on the other. Curro Díaz opened in a draw with a sheaf of doubloons, trenches, the faint signature and the auction. Propitious and greedy the onslaughts, graceful the grace of the bullfighter from Linares, who was planted at a distance outside the lines for a second batch in round followed more than linked, well thrown, sung with his voices in the cites.

Unequal a round with the left embarked with abuse of the beak but finished off with skill and the icing on a nice trench. Back to the best hand, Curro was guilty of losing steps and compensating for the loss with well-drawn flashes. Until the bull collapsed almost suddenly. Costed without prior notice. He had a hard time lifting it. Even before squaring it, he entertained himself by collecting a smaller batch. A lunge without lace. Clapping for the bull, back to the ring of Curro.

Nervous, of short trips in the medium height, the little face up, unruly and pointing, the first, repeater, was a very mobile bull and, although short in neck, agile. the best of the three played ahead. Curro chose to fight very much on top. Ability to open the bull, readiness to miss steps, good wrist strikes. He fell apart at the last minute the bull, that the face between the hands in the match, forced a detached lunge.

The run of El Montecillo, the cattle ranch that the heirs of Paco Medina -formerly El Ventorrillo- put up for sale last winter, did not have greater glories. They stopped second and fifth, the sixth gave up many times and a deep third of interest jumped for two reasons: because of herding and because of uncertainty. For herding, but heading in the repetitions. Two rear punches that left the bull without a kidney hit were very damaging. Uncertainly, he was also a probón bull. The bone of the bullfight. Tomás Campos, surprised in the first two arreones in the cape receipt, opened work with beautiful doubles. Throughout a bustle of more effort than basting, he was seen as a bullfighter with a very good air, refined, fitted. The muletazos that he charged good were very good, but loose. With the sixth, which wavering and lazy herded by both hands, Campos was serene and even persevering.

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The two bulls from Sergio Serrano’s lot, one braced and the other plumb, which lay down with both hands, were much less, and neither the changes of land and distances nor the breaks and walks between batches served as an improvement. Neither the frontal cites, nor winning the opposite python by the small step. The Seal of Valor in both turns. And too many voices.

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