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Silence opens headquarters and presents the S04, its first electric car

Silence opens headquarters and presents the S04, its first electric car

Silence, the Catalan brand owned by Acciona dedicated to the fmanufacture of 100% electric urban mobility vehicles has presented its nnew headquarters. It is an installation of 4,000 square meters located on Córcega street, in the heart of the city.

The new headquarters, which already has the new corporate image that has changed the color green for red (as a clear reference to Acciona’s color), it has three floors that house the offices, the technical service and a showroom where the public can come to see and test Silence’s electric vehicles. In addition, in the same enclosure is located el primer Battery Station from Europe developed by the brand.

The first car

The highlight of the event was the presentation in society, as NEOMOTOR announced yesterday, of the brand new 100% electric quadricycle, the S04. Is about a small car ideal for moving around the city. The new electric vehicle in the Silence range (which already has the S01, S02 and S03) It measures 2.33 meters long and 1.56 meters wide. It is a two-seater model with a 310-liter boot, that fits in the motorcycle parking spaces and that in a car parking space only takes up half the space, as happened with the scooter S01, of the new vehicle of Silence a version will be derived that Seat will sell under the brand Big shot, its urban mobility division, and will join a range of vehicles currently formed by the eScooter 125 and electric scooters eKickScooter 25 and 65.

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New Silence S04 / SILENCE

The new vehicle will be available for a price starting from 7.500 euros and will arrive in two versions. The version called L7e is the most powerful, with a 14 kW motor and a maximum speed of 90 km / h. Equipped with two batteries, has a capacity of 11.2 kWh and one autonomy approved of 149 kilometers. For its part, the version L6e incorporates a 6 kW motor and reach a maximum speed of 45 km / h, so it is possible to drive it without a license from 15 years of age, equipping a battery with a capacity of 5.6 kWh. In addition, the new Silence S04 incorporates several connectivity solutions through the new APP My Silence.

Battery exchanger

The novelty of Battery Station It takes on almost as much importance as the arrival of the new Silence car, since it opens a new concept of use of the electric vehicle. The new space allows Silence users to swap an empty battery for a charged one in just a few minutes, in the purest Formula 1 pit stop style (but without the clock running). With this new proposal, the brand hopes to break entry barriers when purchasing an electric vehicle by drivers, offering a saving of up to 40% in the purchase cost, as well as boosting the penetration of light electric vehicles to reduce the density of urban traffic.

Battery Station in the new seat of Silence in Barcelona./JORDI OTIX

From Silence they point out that “the battery exchange service is easy, fast and comfortable, will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and it will be located in strategic areas of the city center and entrances to metropolitan areas “, a proposal that they hope will fit in with their new expansion.

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The brand has announced that it will launch a test pilot in Barcelona immediately, while in Madrid it will do so over the next year. The battery exchange service will be available for new Silence customers who purchase a vehicle (both a motorcycle and a car) without a battery and subscribe to the monthly service by the use of the battery and the Battery Station. Customers will pay a monthly fee of just over € 20 by the use of batteries.

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