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Silvia Itxaurrondo and Marc Sala: “I would like to ask that ‘La hora de La 1’ be seen as a program that starts from scratch”

Marc Sala and Silvia Itxaurrondo on the set of 'La hora de La 1'.

Marc Sala and Silvia Itxaurrondo on the set of ‘La hora de La 1’.

‘The hour of La 1’ is re-formulated as of this Monday. Marc Sala and Silvia Itxaurrondo land on the morning show of La 1 de TVE, which will tell the news in an entertaining and relaxed way and intends to listen to the stories and opinions of everyone and that will not have a part of the heart as happened in its first season with Monica Lopez. In his presentation at the Vitoria FesTVal, YOTELE talks with Silvia Itxaurrondo and Marc Sala about this new stage of ‘La hora de La 1’.

Silvia Itxaurrondo said in the presentation that ‘La hora de La 1’ is one of her biggest challenges in your professional career. In your case, Marc, what does it mean for you?

Marc: The same. It caught me at a time when I was very good at doing what I was doing. It was on the radio and it is a medium that costs a lot. I had in mind that it was going to be a long time because I’m having a good time and this has happened in front of me and I couldn’t say no. It’s amazing. They give you an opportunity that is a showcase to show how RTVE wants to be from now on. I could not say no.

Do you make a program that cannot be done on private television?

Silvia: We have a tremendous muscle in RTVE, and I say it consciously because we would love it because we are going to generate synergy between radio and television, looking for the best to be with us. Then I also think that there is a determining factor and that is that a private company can feel pressured by the audience. We want them to see us a lot and well. Let’s not get confused, but we aspire to be a benchmark. I think that this approach can be done from public television and, beware, who are brave. Not all public channels are committed to being a benchmark with the time that you have to give a format to become one. We are backed by a huge drive and a wonderful team. We aspire to be the benchmark for Spanish mornings.

Are you going to bet on permanent collaborators or will they rotate as happened last season?

Silvia: I know it is a difficult thing because humans tend to make the comparison, but I would like to ask that ‘The hour of the 1’ be seen as something new that starts from scratch, and not compare it with the previous stage or with the competitors that we have in front of us. We have opted for a format that is not designed as a result of what others do not. We have opted for what we believe, which is journalism, to listen to people and tell them what happens to them. In a political key with the gathering and his interview and, after 10 o’clock, with all the elements of society that are necessary to understand what is happening to us and what is happening to us at that time of the morning. As public television, we are going to guarantee pluralism, but we want to go further, and together with journalists, put experts on set. People who, for example, tell us about the economy or the economic implication of a news item as an economist. Have an opinion formed. We are going to put the best experts on the screen. Not to people who think they have said, but to the primary source. That will be the differential fact of our program.

How do you think you complement each other when presenting and directing this format?

Silvia: Do you know when magic occurs? When you have no answer to that question. I wouldn’t know what Marc brings me. I know what he is like. It is rigor, sympathy, a generous partner, but I can’t tell you where the balance is. When this magic cannot be explained, it is when the magic that produces balance occurs, and I think that is the most beautiful thing with the person who is going to share a project like this.

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