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Silvia Mas and Patricia Cantero arrive leaders to the last day of the World Championship



The 470 World Championship closes its individual series and faces the great final regatta, the Medal Race, with the two crews of the Spanish Olympic team in medal positions: Silvia Mas and Patricia Cantero as leaders in the women’s 470 and Jordi Xammar and Nicolás Rodríguez in third position of the men’s classification.

In the RS: X European Championship, which also ends tomorrow in the same waters, the Olympian Blanca Manchón accesses the Medal Race from seventh place, with two male pre-Olympians entering the final regatta: Ángel Granda (7th) and Sergi Escandell (9th).

The penultimate day of this world championship prior to the Tokyo Olympic Games and the RS: X European Games has been hectic, with a tension and struggle between the crews diametrically opposed to the wind conditions that have starred in the two races held in each category of 470 and the three of RS: X. A wind that has set the pace of the tests throughout the week.

The female crew of Silvia Mas and Patricia Cantero, leaders in their category since the second day of the championship, maintain their position today after adding a ninth and a 19 that they discarded. The Spanish have the gold at their fingertips, although it is clear that the fight in this category is fierce and tomorrow the points will be sold very expensive in the Medal Race, with the leading trio within a margin of seven points. Our Olympians have shown good management throughout the week, both of the conditions that have prevailed in the regatta field, and of the pressure established in the fleet from the first bars, which represents an excellent endorsement in order to be done. with the world scepter.

The few mistakes made by the Spanish also teach, and as stated by their coach, Gustavo Martínez Doreste, “Learning from today’s mistakes will help us not to miss the opportunity to be champions tomorrow. The plan for this World Cup was to win from day one and when we started we told ourselves that it was the right time to do our job well and show that we are stronger than our rivals. And that is what we are going to try tomorrow. Face to face with the other three boats that have options, we will face them without fear, trying to do the job better from start to finish. Today will only serve to make the team’s mind come out stronger in tomorrow’s Medal Race and in the next Olympics ”.

Jordi Xammar and Nicolás Rodríguez close this crucial day with a victory in the last regatta contested and keeping the medal possibilities open in this world championship. The week has not been easy and the Spanish crew has paid for the wind conditions, which are not the strong point of their sailing. Even so, they have managed to stay in the fight, entering the Medal Race with a third starting position after adding a 23rd discarded today and a first. The options are open and the Catalan-Galician crew has shown that it is capable of great feats.

Despite the efforts, the day has not been positive for the crew of Patricia Reino and Pablo García, first classified of the Spanish team in 470 Mixed, who started the day just one point off the podium. Partials of 19 and 16 have broken their tonic of results in the last tests dragging them to the eleventh position, leaving them at the gates of the Medal Race. This is the competition, but it weighs more when the score of the Spanish team is the same as that of the ninth and tenth place, a tie resolved in favor of the best accumulated results. The other two Spanish crews, María Bover and Fernando Rodríguez and Ignacio Dávila and Marta González, occupy positions 14 and 18 of the classification respectively.

Europeo RS:X

In the European RS: X, Blanca Manchón drops today a step in the provisional classification after adding a 7-9-3, although she faces the Medal Race tied on points with sixth place, in a table headed today by the French Charline Picon , just one point from the Italian Noceti.

Santiago López-Vázquez, Olympic Preparation Director, praises Blanca Manchón’s progress: “We arrived at the Medal Race with difficult conditions, but knowing that we are ahead of the results of a year and a half ago, well above the previous results of the team. The work has been noticed and a lot, but the conditions of the race course They have been very complicated – with holes, roles, pressure zones – but we are going to focus our attention: we went to the Medal Race on Saturday with many options in both male and female RS: X “.

Ángel Granda snatches Sergi Escandell’s position as the first classified Spaniard today, thanks to a 4-2-16 that took him from ninth to seventh in the standings. Escandell, however, has added a 7-15 and a 23 that he discards, going from seventh to ninth. And at the gates of the Medal Race, in position 11, Iván Pastor remains, going back from 14th.

For tomorrow’s big day, the weather reports and the analysis of Riccardo Ravagnan, RFEV meteorologist, point to an improvement in wind conditions, which will undoubtedly drive the Spanish team to achieve their goals.

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