Thursday, December 9

Simón believes that the use of the covid passport in hospitality “has a less important impact”

The director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies of the Ministry of Health, Fernando Simon, has indicated this Thursday that during the pandemic it has been proven that “the measures, for similar situations, can be similar”, but has considered that in different situations, the measures do not have to be the same.

Simón has made this reflection this Thursday in statements to the media in Toledo, after delivering the inaugural conference of the III Congress of Young Doctors of the College of Physicians of Toledo, when asked by the media if you see it necessary for restrictive measures to be adopted in Spain such as those promoted in recent days in other European countries, such as the case of Belgium, which has once again made teleworking compulsory due to the rebound in cases.

In this sense, Simón has affirmed that, at this time, Spain has a “very different situation” from other Eastern European countries and for this reason, it has considered that if the situations are not similar, the same measures should not be applied, although it has called to “see what is happening in the coming weeks” and see what has to be proposed when Christmas approaches .

“I would not dare to say that we are going to be very bad or very good, it is very difficult”, has acknowledged Simón, who has pointed out that the coronavirus is “unpredictable”, although he has considered that Spain “starts from a point perhaps better than other countries due to the very high vaccination coverage” and because the mandatory use of masks is maintained in the interiors.

With everything, he has asked for prudence and “to go taking one step after another”.

Regarding the obligation to request the covid passport to access the hotel and catering establishments, he wondered the reasons for this, since he recalled that in Spain the vaccination rate in people over 12 years of age is almost 90 percent, for what “90 percent could generate that covid passport”, in the same way that someone can take a test and two hours later be infected.

To your understanding, is “an option that can be useful” especially in countries with a lower rate of vaccination and, in Spain, to travel abroad, but he has pointed out that to enter the premises of the hotel industry in his opinion “would have a less important impact, it could be another tool”.

Regarding the statements of number two of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, Agustín Portela, who has considered that “in the end we are all going to get infected” of coronavirus, Simón has opined that “if the virus continues to circulate, we can eventually become all exposed to it”, although he has clarified that “another question is that we become infected.”

“Exposed to the virus, we can all become so if it continues to circulate”, has acknowledged Simón, who has influenced that it will depend on whether it is possible to control the circulation and whether or not citizens are vaccinated whether citizens are infected.

Therefore, he has indicated that it will be necessary to be aware of “the effectiveness of the vaccines and the exposure of each one”.

Likewise, his presentation has dealt with the use of scientific-technical information and, among other issues, has analyzed the effectiveness of vaccines, on what he has said that if a person is vaccinated against covid-19 they are five times less likely to have to be hospitalized for covid-19 than if they are not vaccinated.

He has also commented that in Europe, at the beginning of the pandemic, epidemiological surveillance systems did not measure the same parameters, so that “when some generated data on sheep, others generated data on cows,” for example.

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