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Simón bets on vaccinating the third world before inoculating a third dose to the general population

The director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simon, has assured this Tuesday in Zaragoza that the transmissibility of the covid-19 It has decreased in Spain thanks to the immunization of the population due to the high vaccination rate, and only the arrival of “a variant that creates high transmission” could cause a serious situation. In addition, it has pointed out that he does not see the need for a third dose “in general” and has indicated that “it is better to give them to third world countries”.

Regarding the vaccine for children under 12 years old, he explained that “there are doubts” because children “are affected very little by the disease,” so they are reluctant to subject them to the possible side effects of inoculation, even if they are minimal. . Simón made these statements during his participation in the VI Meeting of Prevention delegates and delegates, organized by UGT Aragón, and held at the ‘Arsenio Jimeno’ Training Center in Zaragoza.

In a person older than 12 years, Simón has said, the benefit of vaccination is “far outweighing the possible adverse side effects”. However, he has indicated that “if the lethality of covid-19 is now two deaths per ten thousand inhabitants”, in the case of children it is “three out of every one hundred thousand”, so the risks for them they are still much lower even if they contract the disease.

The epidemiologist has therefore stated that, “From the individual point of view” vaccination of children under 12 years of age is not justified. He pointed out that it could be raised from the collective point of view, to “reduce the transmissibility in society”, but he considered that it is not essential since “the third age, the most vulnerable, is already protected”.

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The director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies has said that “it seems that the immunity of those who passed the disease lasts for years“, so he does not see it necessary to inoculate it” in general. “He has excluded from this situation the” immunocompromised, since they generate less immunity with both viruses and vaccines “, and the elderly” due to the senescence of the immune system, which it could make vaccines less effective in them, and it is reinforced with that third dose “.

Vaccinate the planet

Simon has recalled that “We need fifteen billion doses” to vaccinate the entire planet and that “it is impossible to manufacture so many”, for which he has remarked that it is better to allocate them to underdeveloped countries, with a low vaccination rate, rather than to a third dose in developed countries.

The director of the Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies has located the origin of the first wave of the coronavirus in Spain in Italy. Thus, it has referred to “three thousand Spaniards, mostly workers, who participated in Milan Fashion Week, from February 18 to 24, followed by the return of Erasmus students at the end of the same month, and the” three thousand Italians who visited the Arco de Madrid fair “from February 26 to March 1.

The director of the Alerts and Emergencies Center has stated that during the first wave “there were not 226,000 cases, but 2.3 million”, which were not registered because “we only detected one in ten”. He pointed out that it affected not having diagnostic tests because “Germany closed its exports.” When the Germanic country allowed the commercialization “we happened to detect eight of each ten”, has affirmed.

The impact of covid-19 came not only because of this virus but also because mortality from other pathologies increased, since “hospitals were saturated and residences did not have the necessary level of medicalization,” he added.

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Evolution of the pandemic

Simón has been reeling off data to show the evolution of the pandemic and thus has reported that, in the first wave, the impact was noticed in the elderly “with an average of 85 years of death and hospitalization; and lower in ICUs” because, He has said, “even if it’s hard, when you don’t have a bed for everyone, you have to choose“.

Simón has stated that in the second wave the origin was not foreign but that it occurred because when the confinement was lifted, trips and transfers took place in which “the infected moved throughout Spain.” In this sense, he has mentioned “workers and seasonal workers in meat and fruit farms, in Lérida and Huesca”. Although, he added that it is not clear that the infections occurred in the workplace “could be at the entrance or exit.”

He has emphasized this cause stressing that “it wasn’t the tourists“who were beginning to come for the summer, and that the first variant due to prevalence” was not the English one, it was the Aragonese one “, and the young people dispersed it not for work but for leisure. By age, he added, the average dropped to 50 years, “although the deceased were still 85 years old.”

The third wave was associated with Christmas, when there was “an explosion of transmission” that has been attributed to “no measures were taken and there were many family reunions.” Later, when vaccination among the elderly began, the fourth wave “was a small problem,” said Dr. Simón.

Fernando Simón in his speech at the UGT Aragón conference. EP

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fifth hello

The profile of the fifth wave has been different, “with a massive number of cases“, which has placed students on trips to the Spanish coasts to celebrate the end of the course.” In the Balearic Islands, out of 9,500 young Spaniards, 4,600 were infected, “quoted the epidemiologist, who has said that at the average age of the infected at that time was “27 years and the fatality in the first wave was 13%, in this case was 0.7 percent”, but has drawn attention to the fact that “the average age of the deceased was still 85 years “.

The pandemic has gone from affecting the elderly in the first wave to impacting workers during the second already young people in the fifth, has summed up, stating that now “it is just another disease of children, and its impact is even less.” However, he has warned that “the worst would be if a new variant would arrive that would create high transmission.”

Simon has predicted that “we are going to have new pandemics and in each one we will have to learn almost from scratch“For this reason he has asked” to transform our health system to respond in unison “, since now” primary care, hospital and public health are separate kingdoms. ”

The director of the Emergency Center has warned about the “enormous socioeconomic effect” of this pandemic, in which “some small businesses had to close”, but above all because of the effect on “mental health”, and has emphasized the need to prevention of occupational hazards because “ending one’s professional life in good health implies fewer problems after retirement”.

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