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Simon: “There are just a few weeks left, let’s not make them become hell”

The director of CAES, Fernando Simón.

The director of CAES, Fernando Simón.

The director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, assured this Thursday that “there is less left” and that in a few weeks we could be “in a really good situation”, so he has urged not to allow them “to become hell”.

This has been expressed in a joint press conference to report on the evolution of the pandemic with the Secretary of State for Health, Silvia Calzón, when asked if they consider that the communities are de-scaling the measures too quickly.

The epidemiologist recalled that there are seven communities with an incidence of less than 250 cases per 100,000 inhabitants when the national average is 320.

And although it is still a “very bad data”, as that threshold falls and the alert level is lowered “some of the measures can be modified, changed or relaxed in some way”, which does not imply, however, that the others are lowered: “the more measures are lowered on the one hand, the better it is necessary to apply those that remain,” he warned.

“There is little left, there is less, each day that passes is a day that we win the epidemic and now it is clear: we have a vaccine that is arriving in more and more quantities, with which it is more likely that in a few weeks we will be in a really good situation, “he stressed.

But “what we cannot do is that these few weeks that we have left turn into hell instead of a quiet road and relaxed towards a good situation. ”

Calzón also wanted to send a message of optimism by saying that “it is worth the effort.” “Now there is less, we cannot spoil everything we have achieved so far,” he has abounded.

On the other hand, and in view of the divergence of resolutions that are being issued by the courts in different communities on the decreed closure of the hotel business, Simón recalled that the unfavorable ruling of the TSJPV has meant “a problem for the control tools” of the transmission that this community has.

But this has not been the case in Navarra or Cantabria, “among other things, because the evidence that accumulates day by day on the impact of social gatherings in bars or homes is increasing every day”.

“It is already obvious, there is practically no doubt; in fact, in our country a fairly important correlation is observed from the moment the restoration closure measure is taken and of the great social gatherings with the control of the transmission “, has reiterated.

So he has trusted that the courts will end up accepting this type of measure to preserve public health.

On this same issue, Calzón wanted to reiterate the Ministry’s support for the various restrictions imposed by the communities, “sometimes as harsh as this one, for the common good.”

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