Thursday, September 16

Simone Biles, entered in the balance beam final

  • He had given up individual and team contests and other gadgets to prioritize his mental health

  • This Tuesday, starting at 10.50, he can hang his second metal, after team silver

Since he stepped aside in the team final and explained that he was giving up the full team and individual contest to prioritize his mental health, there was the uncertainty of knowing if Simone biles I would compete in Tokyo again. The American gymnast, called to be the great star of the Olympic Games and who will go down in history for a gesture that has helped mental health to come out of the closet, had also been giving up the jump, uneven bars and floor finals. But she has finally signed up for the last one, this Tuesday (10.50) on the balance beam, in which she is the current world champion and was bronze in Rio.

“We must protect our bodies and our minds and not go out there to do what the world wants from us,” explained Biles about his temporary retirement. “I really feel like I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders sometimes. I know sometimes the pressure doesn’t seem to affect me, but sometimes, damn it, it’s hard.” Simone noticed a loss of confidence in the jumping horse exercise, affected by pressure and a problem of “loss of figure”, or loss of reference in space, which puts her in danger in stunts.

Confession of Bile it has had a particularly expansive impact. She is the face of Olympic sport, of these Games in particular, a small globally recognized figure, a symbol of more and more things, undoubtedly the greatest gymnast ever with her impossible pirouettes. His uncomplexed revelation in the context of some Olympic Games it has multiplied its social value. And it has forced countless reflections around sports stars’ stress, that it doesn’t matter how much money they make, that anxiety exists for them too, and that self-imposed pressure can be scary.

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The mind should be taken care of as much as the body, Biles herself said in her candid press conference. There it is. He was affected by a bad exercise, jumping, and he left the team final. Released, she later dedicated herself in her white tracksuit to cheering on her teammates, as she has done in all the finals. “He is handling everything better than he thought, every day he laughs with us, encourages us, maybe it will be different once he gets home, but in view of how he is by our side, he will probably compete, he is trying “, had advanced Sunday Mykayla skinner after his second place in the jump final.

Now Biles, 24 years old and who won four golds and a bronze in Rio and silver for teams in Tokyo, could say goodbye on the track this Tuesday to a Games marked by his brave revelation.

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