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Simone Biles: Why They Chose a Goat as the American Gymnast’s Emoji for the Tokyo 2020 Games

The North American will seek her second consecutive gold medal at the Olympics.

Laurence Griffiths / Getty Images

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics they keep generating curious data. American gymnast Simone Biles keeps breaking records, even when she’s not competing. Is now the first athlete to have her own emoji on the social network Twitter. The image has surprised many, but perhaps its representation does not have a clear logic: a goat.

And it is that the four times American Olympic champion was honored like this by the social network, alluding to GOAT, an English word that means “goat”, but is used as an acronym for “Greatest Of All Time”, or “the greatest of all time.”

GOAT has already been used in the past to define other athletes, from the Argentine footballer Lionel Messi until the quarterback American Tom Brady or the tennis player Roger Federer.

But the emoji that appears on Twitter when using the tag #SimoneBiles O #Simone It is the first used exclusively for an athlete on the social network.

It was baptized as “Goldie the goat” and will appear during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, whose opening ceremony was held this Friday, July 23.

Biles’ participation is one of the most anticipated on the Olympic calendar, as he is expected to add more medals to his collection of five medals that he already owns.

Could arrive to become the most decorated American gymnast in Olympic history If it exceeds seven for Shannon Miller.

During a training session on Thursday, Biles practiced a series of impressive routines that included a jump so difficult that no other gymnast has ever attempted it in competition. What’s more, aspires to become the first woman to win two consecutive Olympic golds in more than half a century.

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