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Sing When You’re Winning – Take Our Euro 2020 Football Anthem Quiz | Euro 2020

They are the soundtrack to our summers of joy and despair. The songs that accompany the moments when our hearts soar when goals come in and break when crucial penalties fail. But how much do you know about the soccer tournament anthems that fans sing with such glee? Find out with our football anthem quiz: getting the highest score will be more difficult than getting a ticket to Wembley on Sunday. But remember, it’s just for fun and unlike the upcoming Euro 2020 final between Italy and England, there are no prizes.

The Guardian Euro 2020 Soccer Anthem Test

1.We’ll start with an easy one. Atomic Kitten has re-recorded their smash hit Whole Again with a football theme for Euro 2020 after England fans adopted it as their anthem, what is the new version called?

two.More complicated now already. Which of the following Atomic Kittens is NOT in the current lineup doing the rounds with their Euro 2020 song?

3.“Sterling is on Fire and Your Defense is Terrified” is one of the latest adaptations of a song that has been a staple of audiences for years. What song?

Four.Three Lions was written and produced by Lightning Seeds’ Ian Broudie, along with David Baddiel and what other English comedian?

5.Fifty-five years have passed since England won the World Cup in 1966, a fact rarely mentioned in the media in the run-up to England’s big games, and we doubt you’ve ever seen this picture that We have seen. dug up from the archives before. But when Three Lions was a hit for the first time, how many years of pain had it been?

6.The Three Lions lyrics refer to Jules Rimet. Who was Jules Rimet?

7.Keith Allen sang the 1998 World Cup song Vindaloo by Fat Les. But did it include which member of the beloved britpop Blur?

8.Away from England for a moment, whose Welsh act provided the official song of the Euro 2016 Wales campaign, called “Together Stronger (C’mon Wales)”.

9.New Order’s World In Motion was arguably the start of “cool” football songs in the 1990s, even if it doesn’t look like it in this incredible image from the recording sessions. Keith Allen was also involved in this. But which English player from the Italy 90 squad struck the blow?

10.Ok so the rap starts: “You have to hold on and give in, but do it at the right time.” What’s the next line in World in Motion?

eleven.In addition to singing backing vocals on New Order’s World In Motion and missing a vital penalty in Italy 90, Chris Waddle had a single with his Tottenham Hotspur teammate and England international Glenn Hoddle in 1987. What was his name?

12.England, of course, were not the only team to have an official record for Italy 90. The Scotland team also contributed one. What was your song called that year?

13.Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne was another member of the Italia 90 team who hit the charts with a cover of Fog On The Tyne. Which band from the North East of England, shown here, also appeared on the single?

14.It was the 1970 England World Cup team that featured the first time there was an “official” song from England. What was it called?

fifteen.England’s 2010 World Cup song was Dizzee Rascal with James Corden doing an updated version of which of the 80’s Tears For Fears came along?

sixteen.We are now entering the territory of dark and super complicated football anthems. In 1983, The Fall released a soccer-themed single called Kicker Conspiracy, which mentioned the then-president of the FA. Who?

17.Half Man Half Biscuit, also a ’80s favorite on John Peel’s show, had a little hit with a song that pleaded that all they wanted for Christmas was a Subbuteo team wearing the away uniform.

18.Ok, you had absolutely no hope with those last two. So as a Gareth Southgate England team calmly calming down a game in the 72nd minute when they are leading 1-0, let’s lower things down a bit. England’s 2002 World Cup song was We’re on the Ant & Dec ball. Is this Ant or Dec?

19.One last question about Atomic Kitten. When they started, shown here in 2001, they were founded as a songwriting vehicle by members of what 80s synth-pop band?

twenty.And finally … football is coming …

  • If you think there has been an egregious mistake in one of the questions or answers, feel free to email [email protected], but remember, the quizmaster’s word is always final and you don’t want to be that annoying guy. . in the pub holding everything because you are absolutely convinced for some reason that it was David Essex who recorded the 1974 England World Cup song.

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