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Singer Bad Gyal debuts as a model at Madrid Fashion Week

Bad Gyal opens the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid shows led by Andres Sarda, in a parade that the artist has also closed and that she has used to show her versatility and her relationship with fashion. “I love fashion, I love to get involved ‘fully’ in everything I do.”

I have felt very comfortable, very me, and above all very out of my comfort zone. Doing different things is something that I like, ”Bad Gyal told Efe after getting off Andres Sarda’s catwalk, in which with the courage that characterizes her, she has been in charge of opening and closing the first parade within the official calendar of the catwalk.

Dressed in lingerie, stilts and a Japanese-inspired mini kimono in red and gold tones, the artist has inaugurated the ‘Oriental Dream’ fashion show by the lingerie firm Andres Sarda, following in the wake of other well-known faces such as Bimba Bosé, Victoria Abril or Rossy de Palma, among others.

With the launch of her song ‘Fiebre’ in 2016, Alba Farelo (Vilasar del Mar, Barcelona, ​​1997) better known as Bad Gyal catapulted her career in music, until she gained a niche and earned the popular nickname of “the queen of dancehall “In concerts in which his daring lyrics and his” twerk “dances take over social networks.

Five years later his career has not stopped growing. And it is that in addition to being an emblem in current music, it is also aesthetically. Her high and taut ponytail, her defined eyeliner and eyeliner, and her outfits have also made her a benchmark of rachet style, urban aesthetics linked to the trap subculture and the new musical genres that she champions.

The singer Bad Gyal makes her modeling debut with Andres Sarda. EFE

When I finished my first catwalk I thought that I did better in the test. It is the same as always, in concerts it is also like that”Says the Catalan, who has surprised the public by walking the catwalk with poise and confidence on platform stilts and a minikimono with a long tail.

Acknowledge that “Loves” fashion, and the collection comes from the hand of Andres Sarda to have a seamstress in common with the lingerie team, with whom you work on your projects. “I always tell him the designs I want, we make a very good team,” he explains about the outfits he makes to wear in his different musical projects.

I love fashion, I love to get fully involved in everything I do. I am very involved in everything I wear, be it video clips or concerts “, says the artist, who defines this experience with Sarda as a dream:” I am delighted, it is a satisfaction to meet people like Nuria Sardá, who treat you luxuriously “, He says.

The determination with which she has stepped on the catwalk for the first time defines the character of the Catalan, the one that drives her as one of the new feminist references of the moment. “If I represent that, I am doing something right. Everyone deserves to feel like the queen one day of their life and all who can, “says Bad Gyal bluntly.

In his lyrics, dances and publications he preaches this message, that of being true to oneself above codes and prejudices. “You have to love yourself. It is the best ‘lifestyle’, loving you and being ‘full’ with yourself ”, explains the artist, emphasizing the message that she tries to consolidate with her songs.

A woman who puts on makeup, who wears shorts and who shows the slit of the ass does not have to be different in terms of her soul or personality with another that does not wax or is shaved. That doesn’t say anything about who we are, they are just tools ”.

Aware of his influence and after debuting on the catwalk, he explains that he would love to continue expanding projects in the fashion sector: “I would love to be able to design my collection one day, but I feel that I am at a point in my career where I have a lot to do, ”he says.

“The work of artist is very sacrificed, we live in the era of ‘streaming’, you have to always be there. Music has changed a lot and requires a lot of effort and dedication, be it fifteen or eighteen hours a day ”, he says, aware of his situation, although he does not rule out future plans, and qualifies having“ many dreams and aspirations ”to fulfill.

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