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Singer Christina Aguilera denounces the injustices Britney Spears is experiencing

Christina Aguilera raises her voice and denounces the injustices that are being committed against Britney Spears.

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Singer Christina Aguilera, who was a partner of Britney Spears in the Mickey Mouse children’s program and later, already in the late nineties, his great rival for the title of Princess of pop, has wanted to publicly show solidarity with the music star on account of the nightmare he is going through in the framework of the harsh legal and economic protection that he has been suffering for almost 14 years, which gives his father Jamie Spears practically total control over the most personal matters of your day to day. So Christina Aguilera has raised her voice and asked to please release Britney Spears from this cruel tutelage and denounced the injustices that “Brit” is experiencing.

The American interpreter Christina Aguilera has published an extensive statement on her social networks in order to denounce the endless injustices that are being committed against Britney and to thus press in favor of the disappearance of that legal cage that imprisons her. Christina She has also wanted to take advantage of the humiliating treatment suffered by her partner to warn about the submission of so many other women to social structures that make them slaves of the system.

“I’ve been thinking about Britney Spears and in all that he has been enduring ”, assures the famous artist on Twitter. “All women have the right to decide about their own body, about their reproductive system, about their privacy, their space and their healing process, as well as about their own happiness,” she said. Christina Aguilera in reference to such surprising and outrageous prohibitions, confessed by Britney herself last week, such as having more children, for which she was forced to insert an intrauterine device.

“See that those closest to you silence you, ignore you, they abuse you or prevent you from receiving help must be the most painful, degrading and devastating thing that can happen to you. The mental and emotional damage of something like this can undermine the human spirit in an unimaginable way, so it must be taken very seriously ”, Christina Aguilera has reflected on the nightmare that her friend Britney continues to live, so he has also asked his fans not to stop showing their support for Britney at least until such an ordeal has ended. So He raised his voice saying that this is one of the worst injustices that can be done to someone.

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