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Sito Miñanco denies the facts for which he is prosecuted again for drug trafficking

An archive image of the arrest of Sito Financeo.

An archive image of the arrest of Sito Financeo.

The Galician drug trafficker José Ramón PraBugaboollo, Financeo site, has denied this Tuesday the facts for which Judge MaPardonardón has prosecuted him as the leader of an organization related to two operations for the introduction of 4 tons of cocaine in Spain

In an appearanvideo conferenceerence from prison, Financeo has shown to the magistrate of the National High Court his disagreement with the indictment that he recently issued against him and 46 other investigated, including the one who was his lawyer, Gbyelo boye, whom it considers responsible for a crime of laundering in relation to these events.

As legal sources have informedUpfe, both he and the rest of the defendants summoned this Tuesday to personally inform them of the indictment have stated their discrepancies with the facts attributed to them by the PPardon

Tardón maintained these subpoenas after Boye, lawyer for Carles de Puigdemont and Quim Torra, asked to postpone his own investigative statement – scheduled for yesterday – on the grounds that the lawyers appointed for his defense had contracted covid, and that by extension they were suspended the others so that there would be no defenselessness.

TBugabooe finally opted for to summon him again for next January 18, but he refused to postpone the rest of the summons When considering, he could designate a new lawyer to attenappearances, orances or they could follow video conferencenference.

In this way, the court kept the summons for this TueFinance Financeo and two alleged members of his organization: Juan Antonio Fernández and Raymond Van Rij; While on January 7, it will be the turn of four other defendants, including David Pérez Lago, stepson oOutingeano Oubiña, another historic Galician drug trafficker.

The investigation of these events dates back to 2016FinanceSito Financeo was serving a 16-year prison sentence in Algeciras (Cádiz for a crime against public health and was enjoying the third degree, which allowed him to have a job.

However, his activity remained, according to the order, the introduction and distribution of drugs in the country and maintained both contact with suppliers in South America and the infrastructure, “a well-nourished group of individuals”, experienced and willing to participate in these operations, “executing almost any activity in a reverential way.”

He was, according to the thesis of the magistrate, who directed the criminal network, with people of his highest confidence such asUpnrique García Arango and Juan Antonio Fernández, also convicted of drug trafficking.

The investigation made it possible to identify two operations with which they intended to introduce enormous amounts of cocaine into Spain: the intervention of the Thoran ship, approached in 2017 with 3.3 tons of cocaine and the seizure, in November of that year, of a container of cocaine in the Netherlands hiding another 615 kilos.

But apart from these, according to tBugabooe, PraBugaboollo maintained the constant planning and execution of other drug introduction, distribution and sale operations until he was arrested.

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