Monday, August 2

Six arrested for the murder of Moise | They were “professional” mercenaries, points out the US

There are already six people arrested by the Haitian National Police in the investigation of the assassination of President Jovenel Moise. Four other suspects were killed by security forces during an operation.

The authorities have confirmed to have the physical authors and are now looking for the masterminds of the assassination.

The national press assures that 3 of the 4 deceased assailants were foreigners. They pretended to be officials of the Drug Control Administration (DEA) and spoke Spanish among themselves. They were “professional” killers, said the US ambassador to Haiti, Bocchit Edmond.

Dozens of Haitians have taken to the streets in search of those responsible, for which the interim Prime Minister, Claude Joseph, has asked the population to calm down and stay at home to avoid further tension.

Moise’s home and office were ransacked after the attack in which he was shot at least 12 times. His wife, the first lady, remains stable but critical in a Miami hospital.

US Congresswoman Frederica Wilson stated at a press conference that, according to the State Department, it appears that Martine Moise and the couple’s children were the targets of the command of armed men who entered the house early Wednesday morning. .

Meanwhile, the Government of Haiti has requested international support to investigate the murder of Moise and also in security matters, the White House has offered its collaboration, but assured that for now it has not received any request for assistance from the Caribbean country.

Flags at half mast

The Secretariat of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) made the decision on Wednesday, in a special emergency session, that the member states of the regional organization will fly their national flags at half-mast for three days.

Haiti has declared a state of siege for 15 days in the wake of the tragedy but Joseph announced the reopening of the Port-au-Prince airport and the normalization of air traffic.

Bahamas closes its embassy in Haiti and reinforces the border

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Bahamas, Darren Henfield, reported this Thursday that the embassy in Port-au-Prince will remain closed until a decision is made, after clarifying that the activity in the diplomatic delegation was scarce due to the covid-19 pandemic. And likewise, it reinforces border security due to the assassination on Wednesday of the president of the Caribbean country, Jovenel Moise.

“We are very cautious about how to deal with this situation. Any civil incident in Haiti has a tendency to negatively impact the Bahamas – where a large Haitian migrant community lives – due to our geographic proximity. We have begun to strengthen border security to maintain security, “he added.

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