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Six people murdered in a car wash in Mexico

The mexican flag.

The mexican flag.

The corpses of six people were found this Thursday after being shot to death in a car wash in the municipality of Iguala, in the western state Mexican Guerrero, at the hands of organized crime, reported the prosecution of the region.

“The events were reported around noon on Herlinda García Street, locating five men deprived of life and a sixth victim approximately 300 meters from the place, all of whom had firearm injuries,” the state Public Ministry announced in a release.

Unofficially and thanks to information from private security cameras, it emerged that a group of armed people broke into a car wash business, where fired from various vehicles against those present.

One of the murdered tried to escape, but the attackers reached him meters beyond the place, where the prosecution found his body.

According to versions obtained in the crime area, some of the victims met occasionally at the car wash to consume alcoholic beverages.

Inside the crime scene, several shot casings of different calibers were found, so elements of different authorities’ corporations cordoned off the area and maintained a presence with security operatives.

So far the identity of the deceased is unknown, although according to the prosecution reports, the six are male and had gunshot wounds on different parts of the body.

According to information from the International Crisis Group organization, only in the state of Guerrero do at least 40 criminal groups fighting for dominance over criminal activities in the area, operations that include the production and trafficking of drugs and other types of crimes such as extortion.

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Mexico closed 2020 with 34,515 victims of homicide, a figure slightly lower than the 34,648 cases in 2019.

The municipality of Iguala, located in the northern region of the state, became known internationally for the Ayotzinapa case, where 43 students disappeared of teaching.

According to the discredited official version of the Government of Enrique Peña Nieto, the 43 students were arrested in Iguala on the night of September 26, 2014 by corrupt local policemen who turned them over to the Guerreros Unidos cartel, which incinerated them in a garbage dump.

This story, known as the “historical truth”, has been questioned by family members and independent experts, who have indicated that the bodies could not be burned in that place and have pointed to the participation of military and federal police if.

The current president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who in 2018 ordered the restart of the investigations, announced on September 26, six years after the disappearance, that there were arrest warrants against the military and federal police.

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