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Six recommendations to avoid being a victim of fraudulent drugs

In these uncertain times, many take advantage of scam people with miracle drugs. In fact, this problem is not recent, as the FDAHowever, scammers still manage to keep looking for the unwary to cheat.

The US Food and Drug Administration has created a basic guide to detecting and avoiding buying fraudulent drugs. This is the list:

1. A medicine that cures different diseases

Miracle cures don’t exist, nor medicines capable of alleviating or curing several diseases at the same time. In fact, many companies that market these types of drugs are warned by the FDA to stop.

The intention of many companies is to make money at the expense of people’s need and vulnerability. But the point is that these types of drugs can become a health risk.

2. Quick effect

There are few diseases that can be cured quickly, even with proper treatment. For this reason, drugs that are sold as “instant cure” or “immediate solution to health problems” are actually fraudulent.

Among this type of products are dietetic ones, sold as ideal weight loss supplements or lose a certain amount of kilos in days, weeks or in a month.

3. The ultimate cure

Other products are sold as the definitive cure for certain diseases. You have to be especially careful with vaccines, because there are those who take advantage to scam the unwary by offering a vaccine capable of eliminating Covid.

Other miracle cures that are promoted are against diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, arthritis, among many others.

fake drugs
We put our health at risk when we consume drugs without permission. Photo: Shutterstock

4. Beware of conspiracy theories

Many conspiracy theories circulate on social media, which is why scammers use expressions such as “What the government or the pharmaceutical companies do not want you to know”; This type of propaganda is trying to create more doubts and anxiety about certified drugs.

In times of Covid, you have to be very alert to misinformation since it generates mistrust and more people can be victims of the disease by not taking the necessary measures and by purchasing products that really do not work.

5. Beware of natural treatments

It is true that many people follow natural herbal treatments and other medicinal products, however, there are products that are offered as totally natural or organic, and the truth is that may contain active components that can do a lot of harm.

6. Ignore testimonies of life

It is very easy to build trust when you hear testimonials about the effectiveness of this or that drug, but these can be invented. The truth is that, as already mentioned, there are no miracle drugs.

One more tip: for any health problem you should not self-medicate. If you feel bad, go to the doctor who will prescribe the appropriate treatment according to the symptoms you have.

Avoid buying diet products without first consulting with a specialist, and above all, do not buy anything that is promoted on social networks or in virtual stores of dubious reputation.

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