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Six rules for not gaining weight this summer if you eat out

Guidelines not to give up eating and dining out in summer.

Guidelines not to give up eating and dining out in summer.

Not gaining weight during the summer is always a challenge, since Holidays invite you to commit certain excesses that do not always seem compatible with the bikini operation. A tinto de verano here, some fried squid there, bread with aioli waiting for our food to be brought, an ice cream for dessert …

Now, what if there was a way to harmonize this “delicious” struggle between going to taste the culinary temples and not coming back with a few extra kilos and that, in addition, it was a healthy option and compatible with weight loss? We propose several guidelines so as not to give up eating and dining out in summer due to the fact of being on a diet.

1. Before leaving.

It is advisable have a snack before arriving at the restaurant to help the body control hunger and be able to order in measure (a piece of fruit or a Greek yogurt would be enough, although you can also fill the stomach with a vegetable broth), so we will avoid falling into the most appetizing and less healthy temptations than they accumulate in the form of extra kilos.

2. Blessed appetizers!

Let’s say a resounding yes to ham, pickles, nuts, pickled anchovies, prawns, seafood salpicón, mussels or cockles. You have to flee from fried potatoes, squid, croquettes, puff pastry or battered. Accompany this “delicatessen” moment with a glass of red wine and try to avoid beer. A better option? No alcohol, bet on a tomato juice or sparkling water and a lemon wedge.

3. First course.

It is important that it consists of vegetables, grilled or cooked, it is a good choice; salads are a very healthy option, the fact of having to chew raw vegetables for a while takes an important gastric work that makes you eat less later; Of course, be careful with the dressing! It is better that you dose it yourself, you can use extra virgin olive oil but better a light vinaigrette or simply salt and lemon.

4. Fish or lean meats for the second.

Made in a simple way, always grilled or baked without too heavy sauces (both at lunch and dinner time). Ask the waiter for the garnish, opt for vegetables, salad or a roasted potato and control the portions.

5. Give up dessert?

It’s advisable choose seasonal fruit or a non-alcoholic lemon sorbet. If you are a sweet lover, you can indulge yourself with an infusion sweetened with honey and lemon or, if there is no other option, share with other diners.

6. One extra tip!

Eat slowly, it will allow you to enjoy the food more, Being more aware of the portions you eat will make your body feel full with less food and make digestion easier.

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