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Six teens were hospitalized after being shot near a Colorado high school

Aurora police asked local residents for help with videos or photos to help find the suspect.

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Six teenagers had to be hospitalized after being shot from inside a vehicle in a park near a high school in Aurora, Colorado, this Mondaylocal police reported.

The victims attend Aurora Central High School and are between the ages of 14 and 18, said Vanessa Wilson, Aurora Police Chief, adding that the six injured are out of mortal danger.

Three of the shooting victims were taken to Children’s Hospital Colorado, and they are in stable condition and have been reunited with their families, said the spokeswoman for the hospital service, reviewed KWCH12.

Officer Wilson said she was relieved to learn that the six teens have survived, but emphasized that gun violence represents a crisis.

“When I got the call, my heart skipped a beat,” Wilson said. “Enough. It’s enough. We need to come together as a community ”.

As part of the investigation of the suspects in the shooting, the police have asked neighbors and other passersby to share videos, phone photos or surveillance systems of their neighboring houses that could help detectives to identify those involved, since at the moment there are no detainees.

Michelle Marín, who lives across the street from the school, pointed out to KWCH12 that she walks her dog in the park almost every morning, and sees the students hanging out in the area, but he never thought that a violent event like this would happen.

The high school had to be placed in a “secure perimeter” because of the shooting, police said. which means that no one can enter or leave the educational campus, but students will be able to move freely within the school.

During this year, the park where the shooting occurred was the victim of other violent acts related to weapons, with at least three reported, reported FOX 31.

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