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Six ways to protect your cats and dogs from mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and other insects

Six ways to protect your pets from insects.

Six ways to protect your pets from insects.

In summer our pets are more exposed to annoying pests. To avoid a bad time and protect them from annoying bites Y stinging We can take into account some steps that will reduce the risk of suffering the attack of mosquitos, ticks, fleas and other dangerous vermin …

Shampoo and wash frequently

The best defense against the pests that seek to settle under the fur or skin of our pets is to keep your hygiene, especially for those dogs that have wrinkles or loose skin.

Shampoo and wash frequently.

In addition to wash properly to our pets, it is important to look closely at the paw pads to remove residues and detect if there are ticks or other pests under the hair strands.

Use effective repellants

exist antiparasitic collars, effective for months against ticks and fleas and with a repellent effect against mosquitos and culícidos. Many of these collars can be used with puppies from certain weeks.

They are also effective pipettes against ticks, fleas, mosquitos Y flies. They are applied monthly and do not lose its effectiveness if the pet gets wet.

Check often for fleas or ticks

Pets, during the summer, spend more time outdoors, so that they are more exposed to fleas or ticks. It is very important to check often if our pet has these unpleasant ‘squatters’ under its fur. Signs such as excessive scratching or licking can alert us that something is wrong.

Six ways to protect your pets from insects

To remove the fleas it is advisable to catch them with alcohol-soaked cotton balls and then leave the fleas in a glass of water to drown.

To correctly remove a tick, you must use tweezers or forceps and take out slowly and steadily to achieve a complete subtraction. Once out, flush it down the toilet or wrap it in paper and put it in the trash. Next, it is very important to wash your hands well.

Bring the pet indoors at dawn and dusk

Both dawn and dusk are key hours in the activity of the mosquitos. To avoid overexposing our pet to insects, It is advisable keep them indoors during these hours.

Bring the pet indoors at dawn and dusk

Cleaning inside and outside of the home

Hygiene is the safest way to prevent pests spread or insects reproduce. Vacuum the floors and carpets frequently, change sheets and duvets often … It is also a good idea to install mosquito nets on windows or doors.

It is important to regularly clean water bowls, bird drinkers and pool covers, even the sprinkler system if one is available. With cleaning both inside and outside the house we prevent insects from being able to settle and reproduce.

Cleaning inside and outside of the home

Mowing the garden lawn

Pets like to explore, get into the grasses, bushes … Try to get your pet do not stay too long in these areas since many pests, such as ticks, live in tall grasses. If you have grass in your home, try to keep it short, especially those parts adjacent to sidewalks, fences, trees, swings … Also, avoid taking walks with your pet in very humid areas or stagnant water (where the mosquito reproduces ).

All these precautions will help us to mitigate discomfort and pain that our pets feel with the action of some insects. The well-being of our animals, that they are happy and healthy, is necessary for them, but also for their owners, so we must do everything in our power to try to achieve it.

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