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Six women victims of sexual exploitation in a place in Zaragoza have been released

Two people have entered prison and the relationship of a third is being investigated


The Civil Guard, within the framework of the ‘Madonis’ operation, has freed six women victims of sexual exploitation in a place located in the Zaragoza neighborhood of Garrapinillos. Likewise, two people have been arrested and subsequently imprisoned, and a third is being investigated as allegedly responsible for the events.

The investigation began in June 2022, when the Civil Guard carried out one of the routine inspections in this place, where prostitution is practiced, all within the framework of a directive regarding actions against trafficking in human beings. During it, the agents observed that the three women who were working there, along with another who was in charge, were very nervous.

The questions asked by the Benemérita to the workers were mostly answered by the alleged person responsible, in turn controlling the words of the employees, as indicated by the Armed Institute.

Given these facts, the women were interviewed individually and it was found that they were taken directly to the premises in the Zaragoza neighborhood “to sexually exploit them.” In addition, the three victims, who just left the establishment, presented correlative numbers in their passports and the same date of entry into this country, all of them in an irregular situation.

From the Civil Guard they have remarked that one of the women was sick “and very emaciated”, being forced to work despite her condition. Thus, an investigation was initiated in which it was revealed that it was a case of sexual exploitation by the person in charge of the premises, together with his sentimental partner, who performed the functions of ‘madame’, with the collaboration of a woman in South America, which would be in charge of finding the future victims.

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Recruitment of foreign women

The ‘modus operandi’ of this network consisted of recruiting foreign girls in their countries of origin. To do this, a woman related to the manager of the Garrapinillos premises offered young girls to travel to Spain to work as bar waitresses or as ‘scorts’, assuring that they would earn money and be well cared for.

These women, vulnerable due to their economic situation in their country, could not afford the cost of traveling to Spain, so the network provided them with flight tickets to Madrid, passport paperwork, hotel accommodation and money for maintenance. Likewise, they were instructed on what they had to say at airport controls, such as that their trip was for tourism, that they had a hotel reservation and even that they had studied in their country of origin.

Upon arrival in Spain, either they were picked up at the airport itself or, after taking a bus to Zaragoza, the owner of the Garrapinilos establishment took them directly to said location, where their partner was waiting to inform them of what their real work in Spain would consist of. .

Debts of 3,000 euros

On the other hand, they were indicated the debt that they had contracted with those responsible for the network, which ranged between 1,800 and 3,000 euros, so that all the work carried out would be fully charged by the person in charge of the premises until payment is settled. They were also alerted that their accommodation would be the premises itself and they could not leave it without permission or interact with outsiders.

In this context, the victims had no other option than to practice prostitution to pay the economic debt. According to what the investigators have learned, the person in charge of the premises continually pointed out to them that, being in an irregular situation, if they made exits and identified them they would be deported.

Those responsible for the organization had security measures to control everything that happened, such as video surveillance cameras, a dangerous breed dog to guard the property, or the transfer of the girls by the members of the network, being there all the time accompanied by them.

release of victims

After a search of the Garrapinillos premises, the two alleged perpetrators of the network were arrested –owner of the premises and the ‘madame’–, who are accused of belonging to a criminal organization for trafficking in human beings for the purpose of exploitation sexuality and favoring irregular immigration.

During the investigation, it was determined that the only purpose of this network was to obtain economic benefits, not worrying about the health or safety of its employees, who were forced to work even when they were sick and were taught to consume drugs if the clients told them to. they asked or not to defend themselves against some type of aggression on the part of the clients.

The six women released are currently in NGOs; while those arrested have entered prison. The third person, who has been investigated, resides in a South American country and is being investigated for the same crimes. The operation has been carried out by the Organic Unit of the Judicial Police of the Civil Guard of Zaragoza.

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