Monday, November 28

Sixty minors participate in the Healthy Educational Spaces of Mérida

Children who participate in the camp with their monitors, yesterday at the García Lorca school. / JM ROMERO

It is the ninth edition of these summer camps for children from families without resources

The 50 vacancies in the ‘Healthy Educational Spaces’ program promoted by the Board have been filled in the city this season. Due to the high demand that it has had, they have finally welcomed more children, 59 in total. In total, 34 minors have been welcomed in the Federico García Lorca school and 25 in the ‘Ciudad de Mérida’.

This ninth edition, in which all restrictions due to the pandemic have been eliminated, began on July 1 and has brought with it new features. The children go on excursions to parks and monuments that are in the capital of Extremadura.

On the 30th, both urban camps will leave the city to visit the Naturacción camp that takes place in Aljucén.

This summer camp welcomes 34 children at the Federico García Lorca school and 25 at the Ciudad de Mérida

The profile of the people who participate are minors between 5 and 12 years old, if they have younger siblings they can also register, who come from families that are going through social and economic difficulties, that is, who are in situations of risk and/or of social exclusion.

Some of these families are under the protection of the Red Cross or the Delegation of Social Social Services of the City Council. “The objective of these Healthy Educational Spaces is to provide social and educational care to these minors,” explained Catalina Alarcón, mayor of Social Services.


The children are given a daily breakfast kit that also includes a juice so they can have it for their mid-morning snack.

Likewise, thanks to a collaboration between the Red Cross and some supermarkets in the capital, each family of the minors who participate in the program go to these food stores every fortnight to pick up a bag containing food.

This replaces the soup kitchens that were held before the pandemic in these camps, in which the little ones could eat thanks to the hiring of a caterer that provided them with food.

In these summer camps different recreational activities are carried out to entertain the children who participate and at the same time reinforce them educationally. They are organized by four Primary Education teachers and Red Cross volunteers who attend to the minors during the time that the Educational Spaces are held.

In Mérida, these summer camps are financed by the Ministry of Health and Social Services and are managed by the Red Cross in coordination with the Social Services Delegation of the City Council. It is not only held in the capital of Extremadura but these spaces are also organized throughout the region. It has a financing of approximately one million euros by the Junta de Extremadura.

These Healthy Educational Spaces end on August 31 and there will be a closing ceremony at the ‘Ciudad de Mérida’ school. Both camps will meet in this educational center.

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