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Skills that companies are looking for in employees for this 2022

Finding a good job and a good company to make our professional career is very important, so it’s well worth considering the skills top employers are requiring in 2022, CNBC Make It published.

“Hiring managers are prioritizing soft skills in a way they never have before”said Andrew McCaskill, careers expert at LinkedIn.

According to the specialist, companies “are recognizing that this new world of remote and hybrid work requires people who can adapt and are eager to learn.”

McCaskill and Monster racing expert Vicki Salemi told CNBC Make It, what they are Three Skills Job Seekers Need in 2022:

Know how to build trust

Trustworthy employees are a great asset to businesses, especially when people are changing jobs at record rates amid a tight job market.

For McCaskill, reliability is a “key skill” that employers expect from their teams and an important attribute to highlight on a resume.

To emphasize that the applicant is trustworthy, it is important to highlight the importance of meet deadlines, respond to requests in a timely manner, and raise your hand for new project assignments.

Communicative skills

Know how to communicate clearly and frequently it is a critical skill that recruiters look for in applicants, especially in these times of remote or hybrid work.

″The pandemic has exacerbated the need to excel at communication, to make sure nothing is lost in translation because we are working in different places, and also the need for empathy in this difficult time,” says McCaskill.

The specialist recommends demonstrating communication skills in a cover letter or during the job interview. Effective communication may include asking detailed questions during meetings, providing feedback, or leading presentations.

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Solve problems

“Employers want people who are quick to get on their feet and comfortable resolving conflicts with unique solutions,” says McCaskill.

Salemi recommends being prepared and thinking of at least one situation in which took initiative and solved a problem using creativity and critical thinking.

The pandemic has required all of us to adapt and be resilient in the face of constant change, and problem-solving skills have become vital in this new environment.

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