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Skyhigh Security: “Companies do not monitor the cloud”

skyhigh security

Born last year, Skyhigh Security wants to meet the cloud security needs of companies through a new approach. For this reason, the company has a powerful security platform to secure access to data and its use, through unified policies and knowledge of the data. To get to know this new cybersecurity company a little better, we interviewed Patricio Jiménez, Channel Account Manager Skyhigh Security.

Interview with Patricio Jiménez, Channel Account Manager Skyhigh Security

Cybersecurity is one of the pillars on which digital transformation is based. What are companies requesting the most?

Currently, companies are requesting solutions that help them identify and mitigate threats, such as malware, ransomware, phishing, etc., but with the growth in the adoption of Cloud services, more and more companies require solutions to protect data. and applications that store and process in cloud environments.

We also found that with the new teleport scenario, all solutions focused on data security and privacy, as well as identity management and secure access, are solutions that are also in high demand.

From Skyhigh, where do you see the main deficits in cybersecurity?

In recent years we have been detecting a lack of visibility and monitoring of companies’ cloud environments, all accompanied by a lack of adequate measures to prevent information leakage in this type of environment.

Controlling what, how, who and when users access company resources has become a key element in terms of the security requirements of all companies

Skyhigh is a specialist in security services at the edge, what is your proposal in this regard?

From Skyhigh Security what we are proposing to our clients is a global solution within the SSE model that includes the four main pillars CASB, Proxy, ZTNA and Posture Management in IAAS.

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With these four solutions we can offer any company the necessary tools to be able to have visibility, control and management of their platforms in the cloud, allowing to control the behavior of users, ensuring zero trust access to corporate applications and ensuring the navigation of employees at any location

What sets you apart from other competitors?

Our approach is differentiating in the sense that we are offering all these solutions from a single management console, including unified policies that apply to each of the solutions globally. We can also accompany clients on their “journey” to the cloud by offering a proxy solution that allows for on-premise, fully cloud or hybrid deployments, thus adapting to the needs of clients at all times.

Are companies protecting their cloud environments well? What do they have to improve?

It is clear that 100% security does not exist, it is a process that involves different tools, training, response, etc… and it has become even more complicated in recent years with the loss of the perimeter, the cloud, teleworking… Every It is increasingly difficult for companies to be able to have visibility of what is happening in a global and unified way. At Skyhigh we think that the key is to be able to give security teams back that visibility and control in this type of environment. Having the traceability of what is happening, what is the behavior of the users, if the IaaS environments are correctly deployed from the security point of view, controlling access and applying policies for the protection of information, have become key points in the security of any company.

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One of the problems is that companies have an amalgamation of cybersecurity solutions, but do not have a complete vision of the environment. How does Skyhigh help in this regard?

From Skyhigh Security our approach is very clear. We offer all our solutions under a single console with unified policies. This allows us to have a global and unified vision of what is happening in the client’s Cloud environments, whether in SaaS with our CASB, in IaaS with our CSPM solution or in access to corporate applications and navigation with ZTNA and Proxy.

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