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SLIMMING TRICKS | Matcha tea, the delicious infusion with which you will lose weight almost without realizing it

Have slimming teas It is a perfect help for lose weight and can be combined with any diet to lose weight Today we are going to talk to you about a slightly special tea: he has matcha. A powdered tea with many beneficial properties for the body and that also will help you slim down due to its high content of catechins, an antioxidant that can increase caloric expenditure.

How to prepare matcha tea to lose weight?

Prepare a matcha tea for slim down is not difficult. Pour a tablespoon of matcha tea powder into a ceramic cup and then put very hot water but without boiling it. Then beat the mixture (there is a special bamboo whisk for this called chasen, but you can also do it with a spoon) for half a minute until a layer of foam forms on the surface.

Finally, add a little more hot water, being careful not to eliminate the foam, and you will have the tea ready to drink.

Matcha tea is an ideal superfood to lose weight. Pixabay

How much matcha tea to drink to lose weight?

Some experts recommend consuming three cups of matcha tea a day for lose weight. This amount will provide your body with more than 300 mg of catechins that will help your body to Burn calories more quickly.

Who can’t drink matcha tea?

The tea matcha have a high caffeine content so it is better to avoid it after mid-afternoon so as not to have problems falling asleep. Also, people with high blood pressure and those with stomach problems are better to avoid drinking this drink or consult a specialist before doing so.

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This cinnamon infusion makes you lose weight in a pleasant way since it has a very good flavor. Pixabay

Other infusions to lose weight

If you liked the matcha tea for weight loss surely you will also be interested in others slimming infusions to combine with your diet. There are many and for all tastes. From the best known as red tea and green tea to much less common ones like the fennel tea, ideal to avoid gases and have a flat stomach.

Horsetail infusion is ideal for lowering the belly pexels

The cinnamon and lemon infusion that will help you burn fat and tea without theine that you can take at night and let it act while you sleep are other options.

Whatever the tea you drink to lose weight The important thing is that you are clear that no infusion by itself will make you lose weight. If you really want to carry out your intention to slim down you must follow a healthy and balanced diet and perform physical exercise on a regular basis.

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