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SLIMMING TRICKS | The best fat burning soup to lose weight in seven days

November is accompanied by cold and with it the desire for hot meals, purees, soups and broths. If you want lose weight But you do not feel like having salads, smoothies or juices now, at this time you are in luck. We suggest you take one soup fat burn that will help you slim down in a very short time in a healthy and healthy way. It’s about a Vegetables soup cleansing and diuretic that you must consume for seven days in a row. It is not advisable to extend your consumption for more days.

If you are constant, in a week you will notice the results and your figure will look finer.

In just one week you will notice the results and see how you start to lose fat already located eliminate belly that annoying tummy. Also, to prepare this vegetable soup for weight loss You only need food that is very cheap and easy to find in the supermarket. In addition, they are seasonal products.

The key to this burnt soup to lose weight is that it has very few calories and helps you cleanse your body and feel lighter in no time. In addition, this cleansing broth does not add fat to your regimen, but it does add many nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial for your body.

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Drink the fat burning broth for a week. Pixabay

How to make a slimming soup

To cook the soup you must have the following ingredients: tomatoes, onions, cabbage, celery, red and green bell peppers, salt and pepper. Bring all the products to a simmer and you will get your hot quemagrasa. For the effects to be visible you must consume it for seven days both at lunch and dinner.

Later, as a second course, you can combine it with low-calorie recipes of meat and fish accompanied by steamed vegetables. Fruits will also be your allies (except for the banana, which is better to avoid during that week).

Choose low-sugar fruits and avoid packaged juices.

Vegetable soup will help you lose weight. Pixabay

For breakfast, have skimmed dairy and whole grains. Forget during these days of any sweet whim. Remember that it is only one week.

Another of the fundamental points of this routine is drink a lot of water, at least two liters a day. You can also add infusions such as green tea to enhance the slimming effect of the vegetable soup to lose weight.

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Ingredients to prepare the fat burning soup Pixabay

Of course, as in any diet slimmingIt is very important to avoid certain products that give us fat and empty calories. During the week you take the soup fat burner for lose belly forget about alcohol and fizzy and sweetened beverages.

Also banish ultra-processed foods and industrial pastries from your menus.

All these eating routines must be accompanied by healthy habits such as physical exercise. Practice at least three hours of sport a week and adopt certain routines such as walking to work or go up and down the stairs instead of using the elevator.

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