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SLIMMING TRICKS | The best snacks to lose weight in a healthy way and without much effort

The snack is one of the meals that we previously suppressed when we start a Diet to lose weight. This recurring action is a mistake, since we should not skip any of the daily meals even if we want to. lose kilos. The important thing is to snack on healthy and low-calorie products that make us arrive at dinner with a greater feeling of satiety. If you are not sure what you can snack to lose weight here we give you some keys so that your mid-afternoon meal helps you lose weight.

Snacks to lose weight without starving

We are going to give you five balanced snack ideas for lose weight without starving since this food should provide us between 10 and 15 percent of the calories we eat throughout the day.

A handful of dried fruit

Nuts are a safe bet if we have little time to snack. Of course, you should not go overboard with the amount so as not to add many calories. A handful of almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts will be enough to recharge you with energy in the middle of the afternoon and arrive at dinner time with less appetite.

A handful of nuts at snack will give you a lot of energy. pexels

Whole wheat toast with avocado

Take one whole wheat toast with avocado in the afternoon will provide you with a large amount of nutrients and healthy fats. However, avocado has enough calories so you should not abuse it.

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Having a low-fat yogurt for a snack can help you lose weight pexels

Low-fat yogurt with kiwi

Dairy products are another good option for snacks. Choose low-fat yogurts and accompany them with some light fruit like kiwi.

a slice of pineapple

The pineapple is one of the slimming fruits and diuretics par excellence. Eating a slice of natural pineapple in the afternoon will help you feel satiated and will provide your body with water and vitamins.

a boiled egg

If you feel like snacking on something salty, having a boiled egg can be a good option. They are a great source of protein and very low in calories.

A slice of pineapple is an ideal snack option to lose weight pexels

Slimming infusions for snack

The islimming infusions are a good choice for lose weight almost without realizing it. There is one for every taste. From the most typical like the green tea or the red tea even the lesser known ones like the blue tea o la infusion of rooibos.

You can also try with tangerine peel infusions o de pineapple skin. These hot drinks are ideal to comfort you in the middle of the afternoon and their diuretic and slimming properties will help you lose weight with little effort.

The key to diets to lose weight

As we always remind you, there is no recipe or magic trick to lose weight. The ideal thing to get rid of those excess kilos is to wear a healthy and balanced diet, avoid certain foods such as industrial pastries or alcohol and make physical exercise on a regular basis.

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Only the combination of all these factors will make it really lose weight and do not recover it in a short time.

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