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SLIMMING TRICKS | The five forbidden foods if you want to lose belly

The foods you should avoid if you want to lose belly.

The foods you should avoid if you want to lose belly.

Have a flat stomach and toned is the dream of many. The feared michelines They arrive when you least expect them and they settle around your stomach intending to stay there for a long time. Well, if you decide to declare war on the Abdominal fat here we are going to give you some tips to get it quickly. Follow one diet to you is essential for slim down but not enough. It is also necessary to have an active life and include the physical exercise as a part of your daily routine. Also, remove certain food of your diet will be decisive to quickly achieve your goal of ending the love handles and lose weight.

Foods that you should not take if you want to have a flat stomach

In addition to eating a balanced diet, high in fiber and low in fat, if you want to wear a flat stomach and toned it is important that you get used to the idea of ​​eliminating these foods completely from your diet. At least from your daily routine. You have to put a bit of common sense into it, and it’s okay if one day you go out with your friends and have a few beers. However, if every day you dine with a beer your tummy will notice it. The same goes for soft drinks, refined fats, salt and sugar. Consume them sporadically and in small quantities.

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If you like very salty dishes and you always have the salt shaker in hand to season your recipes, eliminating this product from your diet will cost you a little. It is not about nipping it in the bud, but it is about reducing the amount of salt you consume each day. Salt retains a lot of fluids and makes your tummy appear more bloated. Gradually reduce your consumption.


As in the case of salt, it is not about forgetting sweets for life. In balance is the key. Consume sugars moderately and little by little decrease the amount of sweet dishes In your day to day.

Fizzy drinks

The fizzy drinks They are one of the great enemies of the flat stomach. Even if they are lights or zero, they do not benefit your body at all, much less your belly.


The alcohol is another of the foods on the black list if you want to lose weight and have a flat stomach. Limit its consumption to specific days and do not abuse. They are empty calories that do not give you anything good.

Refined fats

Packaged scones, cookies, industrial candies are a great source of refined fats that go straight to your belly. Reduce its consumption to almost eliminated it. If you really want a cake, make a homemade one. It is much healthier and it is sure to be even tastier.

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