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SLIMMING TRICKS | The ideal cabbage soup to lose weight in a week

If you are thinking of starting a Diet to lose weight But you are lazy because it is already cold and you want to eat spoon dishes, do not despair. This season is ideal for having hot dishes such as soups and broths to lose weight. Its ingredients are natural and are loaded with vitamins and minerals that are very beneficial for the body. In addition, they have diuretic and satiating properties that make them the perfect allies for lose weight and eliminate belly.

There are many recipes for purifying broths that in a few days cleanse your body and help you take off those extra kilos from above. Today we propose a different recipe: the cabbage soup for weight loss.

How to make cabbage soup to lose weight

It is a simple and fast preparation. As you may have imagined, its main ingredient is cabbage or cabbage. It’s about a vegetable that provides a large amount of fibers to your body. It is also rich in chlorophyll. It is an ideal food to avoid fluid retention and facilitates intestinal transit.

Traditionally this food has been used to treat colds, sinusitis and even hemorrhoids.

Cabbage is an ideal food for weight loss. Pixabay

The ingredients for the cabbage soup they are simple. You need half a cabbage, 5 onions, 5 tomatoes, two sticks of celery, and two green peppers. You must wash and cut all the ingredients well and put them in a large saucepan with three liters of water. Let it boil for forty minutes over low heat. Remove from the heat and you have the soup ready. You can keep it in the fridge and consume a bowl every day.

How to take cabbage soup to lose weight

The best time to take the cabbage soup for weight loss it’s at noon. Take this prepared every day for a week.

At night, at dinner time, it is better to avoid it as it can cause some stomach discomfort and prevent you from sleeping well, another fundamental point in your day to day to lose weight.

Other soups and broths for weight loss

How do you see this soup is ideal for lose weight. It is also healthy and cheap. However, the only problem you may run into is that you don’t like cabbage. If this is your case, do not despair. We have many other proposals for soups Y cleansing broths for weight loss.

Surely one of them adapts to your needs and taking it for a few days is effortless. You can try for example with the soup, the vegetables cream o la onion soup. You can also include some hot drink to lose weight in your daily routine.

The cabbage soup is ideal to have at noon and lose weight. Pixabay

Of course, you must be very clear that no diet is miraculous. Along with the soups and broths that we propose you should take healthy and healthy foods and avoid others that are not so much as alcohol or sugary drinks. In addition, it is very important that you include the physical exercise as one more routine of your day to day.

Combining all these factors you will achieve your goal of losing weight gradually and not regaining it quickly.

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