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SLIMMING TRICKS | The lightest puree to cleanse your body and lose weight

After bingeing on the festivities, it’s time to start the year on the right foot and cleanse our body of all accumulated impurities. Food is the key to achieving this. Today we propose a very light vegetable cream that will help you purify yourself from the inside. Its about artichoke and spinach puree. A combination of two very common vegetables in all diets to lose weight. Each one has a multitude of beneficial properties that will help us achieve our goal of lose weight and get an enviable figure.

Artichokes and spinach to lose weight

The artichokes They are one of the star products of winter so it is the best time to take advantage of all their properties. In any case, you can always use frozen or canned artichokes to make this recipe.

An artichoke cream is an ideal dinner option to lose weight pexels

The artichoke is the ideal vegetable to clean and purify our body. Us helps burn fat now lose weight. In addition, they are very rich in fiber and protein so they are perfect for regulating intestinal transit and avoiding constipation. Are low calorie and they do not add fat to the diet. Finally, we must highlight its satiating power.

Spinach is an ideal food to lose weight. pexels

The spinach, meanwhile, they also help us lose weight now reduce abdominal and tummy fat while they provide us with many vitamins and minerals. Their high fiber content prevents constipation and they are also very low in calories.

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How to prepare artichoke puree to lose weight

Prepare a artichoke and spinach puree in very easy. You need half a kilo of artichokes and 250 grams of spinach. As we have discussed previously, you can choose to use both frozen vegetables. They are already clean and cut so you will only have to boil them for about 20 minutes in a large saucepan with water.

Artichokes are ideal for losing weight. Pixabay

Once this time has passed, remove the casserole from the heat and pass the vegetables through the blender. If the cream is too thick you can add a little more water until you get the right texture.

Other vegetable creams for your diet

If you liked the artichoke and spinach cream for weight loss surely you are also interested in others slimming purees such as carrot and onion o la cream of zucchini. There are so many that it will be impossible to get bored since you can combine them throughout the week. Try the broccoli and eggplant cream or with the pea puree.

They all are rich in fibers and they contribute very low calories to your diet so they are ideal for dinner.

Carrot cream is purifying and slimming. Pixabay

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As we always remind you, no recipe is miraculous and will not make you lose weight without more. The only key to lose weight in a healthy and gradual way is to wear a balanced and healthy diet and avoid certain “prohibited” foods and products such as alcohol or industrial pastries.

The physical exercise and healthy lifestyle habits like walk or going up and down stairs are the ideal complement for you to achieve your goal of lose weight and not get it back after a few days.

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