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SLIMMING TRICKS | The star exercise to lose belly and tone the belly

We all dream of having a flat stomach and toned. Nobody likes to show off love handles or tummy but the truth is that when they arrive, they are difficult to get rid of. A diet for slim down and avoid consuming certain food that inflate our belly is essential to show off a flat belly. Although this alone is usually not enough. The physical exercise It’s fundamental. Today in particular we are going to propose a very easy and fast exercise with which you will obtain results quickly and you will reduce your belly. It’s about the abdominal plank.

The plank exercise is also known as plank And although at first it may be a bit hard if your body is not used to physical exercise, you will soon notice that every day you hold out for a few more seconds. If you are consistent, the results will start to show in no time. With this posture many work muscles at the same time and the abs especially.

For this reason, your tummy will begin to look less lumpy within a few days of starting the plank exercise routine. Of course, remember that you have to be constant. Better hold out for a few seconds every day Than to beat you up the first day and then forget about the exercises for three or four days.

The irons or planks are an ideal exercise to lose weight easy, fast and effective. Pixabay

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How is the iron done correctly?

When performing this exercise it is very important to maintain a correct posture. Only then will it be effective and will not cause you any injury. It is worth holding out for a long time if the position is not the right one. So follow these three tips to get positioned correctly.

First of all you must lay face down on the floor on a mat or mat as if you were going to perform push-ups. Then you have to put the elbows at 90 degrees resting the forearms on the ground and keeping the rest of the body in a straight line from head to toe. Tuck your belly button in and contract the abdomen. Hold on in this position 20 seconds and rest another 20. Repeat the exercise three times the first day. Little by little you can increase both the seconds of each series and the number of series themselves.

As your body tones up and the muscles become more resistant to this exercise, you will notice how you hold on for longer and longer. In a few weeks you will be able to stay in this position for a minute.

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This is an ideal exercise to do at home. Choose the time that best suits your daily routine and don’t skip any session. In a few weeks you will notice your body much stronger and more toned and that in addition to lose weight you forget about the undesirable love handles.

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