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SLIMMING TRICKS | The superfood that will help you lose weight while you sleep

Oatmeal helps you sleep and lose weight while you sleep.

Oatmeal helps you sleep and lose weight while you sleep.

The superfoods are trendy. These are foods that have highly beneficial properties for our body. In this case we are talking about the oats, a food that even gladiators already consumed and that endowed them with their incredible strength. ANDAmong its properties, its effect stands out satiating, its high fiber content and that helps reduce “bad” cholesterol. It can also help us fight insomnia, a disease of the sleep that can generate us a lot stress and that can become a chronic illness.

Also, while you sleep, the avena will continue to work in your body and will help you eliminate impurities now reduce accumulated fat.

There are a series of properties of oats that are unknown to most of us and that now, thanks to Satislent, we are discovering you.

For breakfast, with yogurt, with soy, in the form of smoothies made with our food processor, as a salad dressing or to make biscuits. The oatmeal has “seeped” into the menus of our day to day. And it is not surprising because it has been listed as one of the superfoods. It is satiating, prevents cholesterol and is perfect for intestinal transit.

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Uses and effects of oats

  • Take care of the heart and brain. Surely many do not know that oatmeal is perfect for the heart in general and, also, for the brain. This is due to the large amount of linoleic acid, omega 3 and unsaturated fats it contains.
  • For the skin, in homemade masks. One of the most effective, and unknown, uses for oats is on the skin. It is perfect to take care of it. For example, oatmeal has exfoliating properties and is very effective in removing dead skin cells. In addition, it is recommended for all skin types. And, as if that were not enough, it has properties anti-inflammatory. With oatmeal and easy-to-find ingredients like honey, it is possible to make very effective homemade masks.
  • Balances the functioning of the nervous system. On the other hand, it should be noted that oats are rich in vitamins and minerals, among others of the B complex. For this reason, it helps to develop, maintain and balance the functioning of the nervous system.
  • Calming and sedative. Oats contain what is called avenin, which works against nervousness. So it is perfect against insomnia or stress due to its calming and sedative properties. This property is undoubtedly one of the most unknown of oats.
  • Soak the oats. Finally, an aspect that must be taken into account as it has been published in specialized forums is the topic of “antinutrients”. These are substances that must be deactivated so that they do not interfere with the assimilation of nutrients. At this point, something that is unknown in reference to oats is that it should be soaked to consume it. In this way, the so-called “antinutrients” are deactivated.

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