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SLIMMING TRICKS | The superfood to lose weight quickly that you can buy in Mercadona

The superfoods they are increasingly present in our diets. We use superfoods for slim down, for sleep better, for boost memory the for fight constipation. Long ago it was difficult to find according to which superfoods on the market. However, today, they can be purchased without problems. Today we are going to talk about a new superfood for lose weight which, in one of its varieties, is among the Mercadona news. It’s about the red lentil. A very healthy legume that you can include in different recipes of your day to day and whose consumption will make you lose weight and achieve an enviable figure.

The red lentil is not only used for direct consumption, but it is also ideal as a base to make other products such as pasta o snacks.

Unlike the pardina lentil (the most common in Spain), the red lentil has a redder color, a finer texture and is also more satiating. Precisely for this reason, the red lentil can become the perfect ally of our diet slimming. Eating a plate of red lentils will make you feel fuller than one of brown lentils, so you will avoid introducing more calories in your body.

Mercadona, has on its shelves a product made from red lentils: the spirals or fusilli made one hundred percent with this raw material. The red lentil spirals from Mercadona have a similar appearance to normal pasta but with fewer calories and more nutritional contribution. So join the fashion of the superfoods and introduce this product in your regimen instead of the traditional macaroni or spaghetti.

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Of course, as always when we talk about superfoods, We must not fall into the error of thinking that they are miraculous by themselves. They are a ideal complement to a healthy diet. In addition, if we want to lose weight and not regain it quickly, we must introduce the physical exercise.

Going to the gym regularly helps you lose weight Pixabay

Either going to Gym on regular basis, making exercises at home or taking advantage of the weekends to go hiking. The important thing is to move and not lead a sedentary life. Our body and mind will thank us.

Other superfoods for weight loss

If you get used to having several at home superfoods indicated in weight loss diets and you introduce them regularly in your diet, the results will be spectacular. The espirulina, the Apple vinager o la avena are just some of those that we recommend to show off a slim body and fat free.


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