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Slow but positive rebound in Latino vaccination against COVID-19 in NYC

Since the start of the vaccination against COVID-19 In New York City, more than five months ago, Latinos, along with blacks, have been one of the two groups that lagged behind and was distrustful when it came to getting any of the injections of Pfizer, Moderna y Johnson & Johnson, available to protect them from the virus, which until today has killed 33,257 New Yorkers.

And although the Hispanics of the Big Apple still in the tail in the vaccination data, with the 30% fully vaccinated, and 36% with the first dose applied, In the last two weeks there has been a slight, but positive upturn, of 3% more Latinos accessing vaccines. The figure also represents almost a 10% increase when comparing it with consolidated figures for April.

This is revealed by data from the New York City Department of Health, that show that Latinos have begun to push the accelerator a little more to put their arm to the injections against COVID. On April 25, the numbers of fully immunized Latinos in the city they were 27% and those with just one dose, accounted for 34%.

Testimonials from Hispanics who have chosen to go to one of the hundreds of vaccination sites, which both the City and the State have enabled throughout the five boroughs, show that the fight against mistrust and misinformation that have delivered by health authorities, through educational campaigns and partnerships with community groups, churches, schools, and community leaders, are taking effect.

Likewise, incentives pushed by the City and the State, such as offering free tickets to sporting events, visits to the Statue of Liberty, $ 25 cards for markets, CitiBike memberships, tickets to the Bronx Zoo, the Aquarium and the Museum of Brooklyn, participation in raffles and even lottery tickets, they have worked.

This is how he recognized it Gabriela Muñoz, an Ecuadorian mother from Queens, who lost the grandfather of her daughters last July, a victim of COVID, and who confessed that just a month ago she was part of the battalion of Latinos who “for nothing in the world” thought about getting vaccinated.

The 31-year-old immigrant, who a few days ago got the second dose of Moderna’s vaccine against him COVID, in the position that operates in the Queens Mall Center, revealed that the information campaigns and the testimonies of close relatives who have been vaccinated for several months, such as her own husband, who works as a painter, convinced her to give up her doubts and get vaccinated.

“I did not want to get the vaccine, because I thought it was not safe, and that scared me. But now I see that they are safe and give more than 90% protection, then I wanted to take the step that the whole family has already given, so as not to be left behind ”, commented the housewife.

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“What’s more I want to go to my country and I want to go safely. And to people who, like me, doubted, I tell them to put it on. Not only because we must protect ourselves, but because we must help not to infect others, especially those who are most vulnerable to the virus. You have to take the step, because it is better to be safe than sorry, “added the young mother.

Guillermo Díaz, 86 years old, is also another of the Latinos in New York who left behind the distrust against vaccines, and last week he celebrated with his wife, Gladys Beira, be already fully vaccinated.

“It hurt, yes, a little bit, but it is a puncture that passes quickly and leaves us calmer. As an adult who has already lived well, I can say that there is nothing to fear, ”commented the Hispanic grandfather, who was one of the faces of that 3% increase in Latinos that increased vaccination figures in the Big Apple this week.

Guillermo Díaz, 86, is also another of the Latinos in New York who left behind distrust against vaccines

So far in New York City they have put a 8,408,700 total of vaccines, which represents that 3,605,786 of New Yorkers are fully immunized and 4,451,832 have the first dose.

The consolidated data of vaccinated in the five counties, reveals that until today 44% of the inhabitants of the Big Apple eligible to receive the vaccine, are already protected with the necessary doses, being the whites, with 40% those who are in the front of the immunization, whereas with 30%, the Latinos and 24% the blacks, follow in the tail.

Within the Latino community in New York, Hispanics from Manhattan have been vaccinated the most, with 36%, followed by Queens, with 34%, Brooklyn, with 28%, Staten Island, with 26%, and The Bronx, with 25%.

State data reveal, for their part, that within the total population that has received the complete vaccine so far, Latinos represent 17.4% and on the first dose they are 18% of the population. In the state, they have been applied 19 million doses of the vaccine, with 53.7% of them partially vaccinated and 45.9% fully vaccinated.

Pedro Frisneda, spokesperson for New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, positively highlighted that more Latinos have been accessing vaccines, but acknowledged that there is still a long way to go. The figures show that almost 70% of Hispanics in the Big Apple still do not say “yes” to vaccinesIn other words, 7 out of 10 Hispanics still do not have chemical protection against the coronavirus.

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“We know that vaccination rates for the Latino community continue to lag behind white New Yorkers. And we recognize that in addition to conversations among community members, we must make the vaccination process more convenient. That’s why we’re in popular places and high-traffic Latino neighborhoods and areas.“, Said the official, warning that they will continue looking for more alternatives to reach Hispanics and convince them to get vaccinated.

“We will have mobile vaccine buses on busy roads, get to workplaces when possible, and work harder to reach homebound New Yorkers,” added Frisneda. “While we need newly vaccinated New Yorkers to share their stories to help build confidence in the vaccine, we are also doing our part to make the vaccine more convenient to New Yorkers, including Latinos.”

Jonah Bruno, spokesperson for State Department of Health, assured that getting more Latinos and vulnerable communities vaccinated is a priority, and highlighted that incentives, such as the $ 20 scratch cards from the NY lottery, that are being offered to those who get the doses, as well as raffles of college scholarships at SUNY and CUNY, and offering vaccines in subway stations are being effective.

Slow but positive rebound in Latino vaccination against COVID-19 in NYC

“New York State continues to deliver vaccines as quickly and equitably as possible, including through state-operated mass vaccination sites, emerging community-based sites, and a broad network of providers,” said the spokesperson for the State Agency. “We have enhanced efforts to bring vaccines to local and hard-to-reach communities, establishing direct partnerships with places of worship, pop-up sites in popular destinations such as the MTA and NFTA stations, and creative vaccine incentive programs, such as our recently expanded program. ‘Vax and Scratch’ and the program ‘Get a Shot to Make Your Future’ ”.

Lovelly Tejada, Director of Community Education of the NYIC organizationHe assured that the City’s efforts to attract more Hispanics to get vaccinated are working, but he warned that they must be increased. Latinos make up 29.1% of the population of New York.

“The City is doing a good job. We want them to continue doing this work and to receive the feedback we receive from community members and respond to their concerns and questions, creating more resources and information pages to be able to work with the lack of confidence that many still have in the vaccine ” commented the activist. “Little by little more members of Latino families They are getting vaccinations and I think we are seeing that feeling of getting vaccinated is spreading because we want to return to that normal world ”.

Also, Tejada He said that it is urgent to have a vision to long term on COVID in the Latino community, as he warned that it is not enough to push vaccines.

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“The Latino community was very affected. Many became ill and many died, and understanding that COVID will be our reality for many years, and that people will feel effects and symptoms for a long time, they must do what they can, not only with resources for the vaccine, but building a comprehensive vision of support for future years ”.

Murad Awawdeh, Executive Director of the New York Immigration Coalition, was pleased that the City and State have finally understood that partnerships with local organizations such as NYIC are effective in passing reliable information to the Latino community, which has been vital in the uptick in vaccination among Hispanics.

Slow but positive rebound in Latino vaccination against COVID-19 in NYC

“To combat this misinformation, the City and State must continue to invest in local and trusted community-based organizations to ensure that accurate and relevant information is shared in culturally responsive ways with our Latino communities and all immigrant communities,” dijo Awawdeh. “We are encouraged to see the increase in vaccine pop-ups across the state (…), as well as mobile vaccine programs that meet our Latino immigrant families where they are. We have also seen more multilingual communication about the vaccine online and offline, but more needs to be done to combat some of the myths that have proliferated on social media and by word of mouth ”.

Vaccination Data Among NY Latinos

  • 2.5 million Latinos are estimated to live in NYC
  • 52% of New Yorkers have just the first dose of the vaccine
  • 44% of all residents of the Big Apple are fully vaccinated
  • 40% of them are white
  • 24% are black
  • 30% of the city’s Latinos are fully vaccinated
  • 36% of Latinos have taken the first dose
  • 3% more Latinos vaccinated in the past 2 weeks
  • 10% was the upturn in vaccination compared to previous April data
  • 70% of NY Latinos are not immunized
  • 7 out of 10 Latinos in New York have not been vaccinated
  • 36% of Hispanics in Manhattan are vaccinated
  • 34% of Latinos in Queens are vaccinated
  • 28% of Brooklyn Latinos are fully immunized
  • 26% of Staten Island Hispanics are vaccinated
  • 25% of Latinos in the Bronx have the full vaccine
  • 17.4% of all New Yorkers who have received the complete vaccine in the State are Latino
  • 18% of the total vaccinated in the state with the first dose are Hispanic
  • 8,408,700 vaccines have been applied in the City
  • 3,605,786 of New Yorkers are fully vaccinated

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