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Smart factory: what role does IoT play?

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IoT has caused huge changes in entire business fields. But why implement IoT? First of all, most of your competitors are doing it, and of course you want to be able to compete. Second, and even more important, IoT provides you with a huge amount of data that helps you improve your processes, optimize cost structures, perfect your products, etc., turning your industrial space into a smart factory. Therefore, the IoT is an important tool to achieve desired goals and make process improvements. Following technology trends is essential to survive in today’s increasingly demanding business environments.

Some examples of IoT advantages in the industry

To help you understand how IoT is being used in industry, here are two general examples and one specific to Bossard.

Radar detection and RFID signals are used to transmit data on consumption, remaining container capacity, etc.

The IoT makes it possible to consult the analysis of the data of the machines anywhere and at any time, in real time. For example, you can check how many defective parts a machine produces at one location and compare it to others. You can then try to repair or optimize a machine for higher performance, for example. The IoT should provide you with a “productivity map” of all your machines, as well as structured data so you can use your machines better and more efficiently.

IoT provides a huge amount of data that helps improve processes by turning an industrial space into a smart factory

SmartBin is a smart solution from Bossard. This unique, fully automated system with sensor monitoring is ideal for supermarkets and assembly lines. SmartBin handles everything from small parts weighing just a few grams, to large parts weighing up to 2,000 pounds per pallet. Weight sensors ensure continuous inventory monitoring. Orders are activated automatically and allow a continuous supply. This is one example of how Bossard brings you IoT solutions that keep pace with Industry 4.0.

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IoT integration

A common mistake is not integrating the different technologies that provide substantial data. Do you want to know more about the integration of different technologies? Then download our E-Book “How will Industry 4.0 affect your supply chain?” and learn more about other aspects of Industry 4.0 and how it affects your supply chain.

Finally, and to answer the initial question: IoT plays a vitally important role today and opens up endless opportunities. IoT has become a necessity, and it must be implemented.

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