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Smoke detectors, the Christmas gift that Firefighters recommend in Alicante

Firefighters and the Security Councilor, next to smoke detectors

Firefighters and the Security Councilor, next to smoke detectors

A smoke detector, as a Christmas giftd. The Security Councilor of the Alicante City Council, José Ramón González, together with the Fire Chief, Carlos Pérez, and other members of the Fire Prevention and Rescue Service have presented this morning the #savior campaign, aimed at promoting installation of smoke detectors in homes to avoid victims and reduce fires in the Alicante capital. In 2019, home fires totaled 65, most of which were caused by electrical problems and carelessness in kitchens. The members of the SPEIS intend to encourage this year the people of Alicante to ask for letter to the Magi smoke detectors, so that they become the heroes of their homes. “They can become a guardian angel,” they have pointed out.

For the implementation of this initiative, the SPEIS has organized a program of information sessions, which will begin in January, to explain the forms of prevention and intervention in case of fires with the aim of trying to prevent them and promote the use of detectors smoke, through visits and talks to neighborhood associations, senior centers, merchants and other groups.

The firefighters explain that the installation of electronic smoke detectors, whose price can be around 15 euros, are a very effective and economical self-protection measure, which manages to detect smoke or gas in the area where they are installed, emitting an acoustic alarm that alerts and warns of the existence of fire. In addition, “in the event of being asleep, these devices are even more important, since they can warn and save lives,” the firefighters emphasize. The detectors are also easy to install and require no work, since their power source is a battery. SPEIS firefighters consider it of utmost importance that everyone have one installed in their homes.

In this regard, firefighters have also reported that a fire develops very quickly and can affect a room or the entire home, and smoke is the greatest danger in fires, since monoxide poisoning is what generates more victims. Specifically, they have pointed out that in 2019, the 27% of the fatalities occurred in fires between 4:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.

The head of SPEIS has indicated that “prevention is essential to improve the safety of citizens, with this campaign we are acting to prevent fires from occurring with early arrest.” The SPEIS coordinator and corporal, for his part, has indicated that “the main objective of this campaign is to reduce as much as possible the number of fires in homes and businesses in Alicante and to get closer to the ideal number of fire victims, which is zero, the majority of injured in fires are caused by smoke inhalation. In yesterday’s fire two people were injured, and the person who raised the alarm was sleeping if he had a smoke detector we would have reduced the damage, detecting the fire at the beginning saves lives and prevents damage. ” The Councilor for Security, José Ramón González, has pointed out that “this is a very important campaign that will save lives, and the population must know about preventive matters”, while thanking the firefighters “for their involvement in organizing and implementing it. underway to improve safety and prevent fires in our city, with trained personnel who will pass on their experience, ”.

Tips to prevent fires in Alicante

At the press conference, the firefighters Pablo Rojas and Jesús Lorente They have influenced advice to prevent fires and action measures once the fire has started, and recommending putting a smoke detector in homes. From SPEIS, with these initiatives they intend to involve citizens in the work carried out by firefighters on a daily basis to prevent fires, with the firm conviction that all together we can achieve the goal of zero fire victims in Alicante.

Firefighter Jesús Lorente has pointed out that “With detectors we save time at night and save lives, maintenance is minimal, it takes a few batteries, and it can be purchased in the local store and the cost is between ten and fifteen euros, with this campaign we want to reach the maximum number of citizens for all of us to have a detector in our homes by 2021 ”.

The firefighter Pablo Rojas have indicated that “fire can kill, but smoke kills so much more, lhe first few minutes are vital to saving lives, and few things cause more fear, more anger, and more helplessness than waking up to find the house on fire and smoke. We do not see anything and in a few seconds we can lose consciousness. If we could get everyone to install detectors in their homes, it would be possible to avoid deaths and injuries ”.

Among the advice that the firefighters have offered to citizens today, they point out that when we find the house flooded with smoke, two things can happen, that we can leave the house or not be able to do so. The first thing citizens should know is that smoke accumulates on the ceiling and goes down, so we will have more visibility if we crawl on the ground, we will also avoid inhaling the smoke, which will make us faint in seconds.


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