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Smoke-free and charcoal-free: these two electric barbecues for less than €50 are perfect if you have a patio or garden

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If you like outdoor barbecues, the imminent arrival of spring is sure to sound like heavenly music. You can also revolutionize your barbecues with an electric model.

Terrace, patio, garden or even balcony in some cases. Any outdoor space can be good for a barbecue, one of the favorite moments of many peopleespecially in certain countries, and Spain is one of them.

As spring and good weather approach, it may be time to get ready to take advantage of them, and an electric barbecue can be a good option, since it eliminates a lot of smoke and odors and also saves money on coal, and there are quite a few cheap right now.

Specifically, there are two models that surprise for price and versatility. They are the Cecotec PerfectSteak 4250 for just 49.90 euros and the IKOHS BBQUEEN for just 48.49 euros, two very similar electric grills in terms of design and price, and with free shipping in both cases.

Electric barbecue with 2,400 W of power, adjustable temperature and grill height adjustable to three levels. It offers a large work surface with two adjustable trays and one lower tray, and has a windproof panel.

They are electric barbecues that have legs and several trays on which to deposit food, bread, salt or absolutely everything you need, something that cannot always be taken for granted in these grills, especially in the most affordable versions. .

The Cecotec model is somewhat more powerful, with 2400 W compared to 2000 W for the IKOHS model.although it is a small difference that will surely end up not being noticed at the moment of truth.

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For the rest, they fully guarantee that you will be able to cook meat completely and quickly, as well as vegetables, bread and all kinds of food that can be grilled.

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Obviously, there is a characteristic flavor associated with charcoal barbecues that an electric model cannot imitate, but they avoid a lot of cleaning work, especially since their trays are removable and you can easily wash them in the sink.

Not only that, but also, by involving less fumes and not having coal combustion, they also make the final result much healthier, and that is always appreciated.

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