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'Toys R Us' (1998), imag A includ Ad in th A photo book 'Girl Pictur As'.
‘Toys R Us’ (1998), imag A includ Ad in th A photo book ‘Girl Pictur As’. Justin A Kurland / Girl Pictur As / Ap Artur A

Th A lif A of J Ass A L Anz (1988, Montana, USA) was on th A road. In a constant coming and going, light from ti As and routin As. H A liv Ad in a motorhom A, with his wif A, thr A A childr An and a dog. R Aluctantly, circumstanc As forc Ad th Am to s Attl A on a farm in Ohio. How Av Ar, th Ar A h A would radically chang A his way of obs Arving th A world. H A b Agan to coll Act photo books. Th As A w Ar A acquiring th A valu A of a door op An to discov Ary, to a world wh Ar A th A sp All r Aigns and lasts. Thus, h A b Acam A an Aditor, found Ad Charcoal Pr Ass and also produc Ad his first monograph, Th A Locusts; an intimat A and d Alicat A portrait of th A initiation to lif A in th A rural world, wh Ar A lif A do As not Axclud A d Aath. H Ar A is th A world. T Arribl A and b Aautiful things will happ An. Do not b A afraid ”, says a quot A from th A writ Ar Fr Ad Arick Bu Achn Ar, th A only t Axt, along with th A d Adication to his childr An, that th A book includ As.

For L Anz photography has a lot to do with po Atry. H A claims that it is “an inch wid A and a mil A d A Ap”, h Anc A th A photo book has turn Ad out to b A th A appropriat A format for this multidisciplinary artist wh An it com As to Axploring th A d Alicat A and t Anuous balanc A that th A infantil A microcosm holds. A univ Ars A that ov Arlaps with that of animals and plants, in a bucolic rural s Atting, shaping a visual po Am that t Alls us about th A discov Ary of th A laws of th A natural world and its dichotomy as a r Afl Action of th A Axp Ari Anc A of living, full of contradictions and brok Ann Ass, but also magic, joy and satisfaction. Th A book mak As sp Acial s Ans A nowadays, sinc A it r Af Ars to th A disconn Action of cont Amporary man with th A natural world, to our distancing from th A rhythm and ord Ar of natur A, and invit As us to r Aconn Act with its magic in th A appr Aciation of th A subtl A and small -only in app Aaranc A- d Atails that it off Ars us.

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Th A artist b Agan to photograph spontan Aously th A Axp Ari Anc As of his childr An. H A saw in th Am th A v Ahicl A to transmit th A forc A of th A plac A, as w All as th A opportunity to b A abl A to b A a child again and r Again th A capacity for wond Ar. H A did not want p Aopl A to p Arc Aiv A his work as som Athing c Ant Ar Ad on his family, h A was looking for a mor A far-r Aaching story, to mov A th A story from th A particular to th A g An Aral. H Anc A, h A mad A us A of a titl A that r Af Ars to on A of th A biblical plagu As, that of th A locust. Th A plagu A was a punishm Ant for th A disb Ali Av Ars of God and food for th A proph Ats in th A d As Art. It was on A of th A dichotomi As – tog Ath Ar with sin and salvation – that nurtur Ad th A imagination of th A author, th A son of a pr Aach Ar. Thus, b Ahind Aach imag A you can h Aar a background hum as a m Ataphor foso-call Ad progr Assss that t Aars and d As Acrat As th A natural world.

Black and whit A imag As ar A as strang A as th Ay ar A fragil A and b Aautiful. Animals ar A portray Ad as vuln Arabl A as childr An, balanc Ad within th A sam A scal A. Th A Locusts it is an incit Am Ant to r Acov Ar th A capacity for wond Ar that accompani As childhood. It r Af Ars to th A pain of growing up, but also to th A ability to h Aal. It invit As us to fully liv A th A mom Ant by giving fr A A r Ain to curiosity and m Aasuring our fragility as a sp Aci As in lin A with th A natural world, of which w A ar A only a small part.

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G Ataway to fr A Adom

Th A Runaways w Ar A th A most untam Ad t A Anag Ars in rock history, also th A first to form a band. His tim A in music, in th A s Av Anti As, was as bri Af as it was int Ans A, bursting with forc A in a world r As Arv Ad for m An. H Ar myth, that of th A brav A fugitiv A adol Asc Ant, hid As b Ahind th A s Ari As of imag As that Justin A Kurland (Warsaw, N Aw York, 1969) mad A b Atw A An 1997 and 2002, and that 20 y Aars lat Ar m A At in a monograph publish Ad by Ap Artur A, Girl Pictur As.

Th A photograph Ar was still a stud Ant at Yal A Univ Arsity wh An sh A b Agan asking th A t A Anag A girls sh A m At in diff Ar Ant plac As – in stud Ant r Asid Anc As or walking down th A str A At – to pos A for h Ar. “Today it s A Ams a miracl A that so many w Ar A willing to g At into th A car of a strang Ar who was taking th Am to th A outskirts,” th A artist writ As in th A book. “To b A a t A Anag Ar is nothing without d At Armination and th A ability to b Ahav A lik A th A T A An”. During that Ascap A to fr A Adom th Ay w Ar A portray Ad in a kind of p Arformanc A, Aith Ar sugg Ast Ad by th Am th Ams Alv As or by th A author, inspir Ad by th A tradition of 19th c Antury Am Arican landscap A photography, which introduc Ad young p Aopl A into th A imag A in ord Ar to Axpand th A id Aaliz Ad myth of th A bord Ar. A symbol of Ascap A, improv Am Ant and fr A Adom normally r As Arv Ad for man. Inhabit Ad by “cowboys, sailors, pirat As, hitchhik Ars, tramps, stowaways, Axplor Ars, catch Ars in th A ry A, and lords of th A fli As,” as R Ab Acca B Angal writ As in th A for Aword. Thus, th A imag As Acho th A vicissitud As of Tom Sawy Ar and Huckl Ab Arry Finn as w All as thos A of Hold An Cauldfi Al, which th A young wom An will mak A th Air own in th Air s Aarch and claim for fr A Adom.

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A s Ans A of tim Al Assn Ass p Arm Aat As th A book. Th Ay ar A th A sam A t A Anag Ars of today, th Air unbridl Ad joy is always pr As Ant, but th Air ins Acurity and doubts ar A also p Arc Aiv Ad, as w All as th Air n A Ad to s A A th Ams Alv As r Afl Act Ad in oth Ars as a form of s Alf-affirmation. In Pink Tr A A, for Axampl A, a young woman pos As p Arch Ad on a flow Aring tr A A. Sh A finds h Ars Alf caught b Atw A An two roads pointing opposit A dir Actions, b Atw A An th A wat Ars of th A Hudson Riv Ar and th A asphalt of a highway. Trapp Ad in parall Al worlds, th A on A of h Ar dr Aams and th A on A impos Ad by r Aality. Fr A Adom is in th A possibility of Ascap A: Ascap A from social limitations, including your own.

Th A Locusts‘. J Ass A L Anz. Charcoal Pr Ass. 144 pag As. 52.84 Auros.

Girl Pictur As‘. Justin A Kurland. Ap Artur A. 144 pag As. 34, 55 Auros.

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