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So are the Bowie M2 headphones, from Baseus

Wireless intelligent noise canceling headphones have become one of the gadgets preferred by those looking to enjoy calls and music anywhere and in the best possible listening conditions. In this scenario the firm Baseusalready well known in our market for its multifunctional chargers, external batteries and cables, presents a model of wireless headphones Bowie M2, with an interesting introductory offer. They are characterized by optimal connectivity and by integrating ENC noise cancellation technology that, like ANC, generates a sound that is equivalent to but opposite to ambient noise, reducing it so that the caller can hear clearly.

It is a consumer electronics brand that was founded in 2011 in Shenzhen, and integrates research and development, design, production and sales, making it completely in control of the final product. Baseus “Base on user” claims to think from the users’ perspective, and it should be mentioned that their creations are designed with outstanding aesthetic and practical value. An important fact is that all the products it manufactures go through the quality inspection of the Baseus Laboratorybefore being delivered to the market.

Affordable Headphones

The Bowie M2 are very reasonably priced headphones with an excellent value for money that are around 40 euros. They are configured as an economic proposal of the firm.

As a business card, it must be said that they provide, above all, an efficient noise reduction system that uses an algorithm of Al focal network to separate the environmental noise from the voices, which makes it possible that, in very noisy situations , you can have a quality call. They also stand out for a very low latency of 0.038 seconds, which makes them suitable for use in videos and games.

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As for autonomy, note that it is around 30 hours of use with the charging case and that the headphones provide about 5 hours with the noise reduction system connected. It is not the best on the market, but it is very outstanding.

Another important added value is that they provide simultaneous connection to 2 devices.


They provide 3 different noise cancellation modes that can be customized from the Baseus mobile application. 10 customizable settings are provided for each noisy situation.

ENC 4 MIC technology uses artificial intelligence to distinguish between ambient noise and human sounds, allowing for good quality playback, especially on calls.

Low latency connectivity means there are no audio dropouts for an immersive experience even in intense games.

Other values ​​are that with 10 minutes of charging, up to 2 hours of sound reproduction are obtained.

Automatic connection detection in the ear. After pairing for the first time, the earphones can be automatically connected by opening the charging case. Intelligent in-ear sensing module enables play and pause when wearing and removing the earphones

Featured Values

Active noise cancellation. The headphones bluetooth with intelligent noise reduction technology they eliminate ambient and low-frequency noise quite effectively.

Crystal clear calls, rich tones, clear voices and deep bass with 4-microphone technology.

Comfort and secure fit. They are designed to fit with various different sizes of pads supplied.

Related news

One-step pairing and in-ear detection. They automatically connect to the phone once you open the cover of the charging case. Removing a single earbud from your ear automatically pauses the music on both sides. When you put them back, the music will continue.

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Up to 5 hours of battery life and with up to 30 hours in the compact wireless charging case.

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