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So are the new MacBook Pro, Air and Mac Mini

A moment of the presentation of the new MacBook Pro, Air and Mac Mini.

A moment of the presentation of the new MacBook Pro, Air and Mac Mini.

Apple this Tuesday presented its new laptops 13-inch MacBook Pro and Air and Mac Mini desktop, the first to use their self-developed processors Apple Silicon, through the M1 chip, which replaces Intel’s.

During the ‘One more thing’ event -the third presentation of the American brand in just two months- Apple has focused on its Mac computers, a section of the company that “has grown 30 percent in the last quarter”, as has highlighted its CEO, Tim Cook.

Apple announced its new Apple Silicon processors in June, and now the company is delivering on its promise and has unveiled the first computers using its self-developed chips.

13-inch MacBook Pro

Apple’s new M1 silicon processor has been integrated into the new 13-inch MacBook Pro business laptops, with 2.8 times more CPU performance than its predecessor models, and 5 times better in graphics processing.

Its increased performance allows to process 8K video in Da Vinci without loss of frames, and has an 11 times higher performance in machine learning, as well as a renewed term design.

Its battery has been renewed with the use of the M1 chip, providing 17 hours of browsing and 10 more hours of video playback than the previous generation MacBook Pro.

It also includes three microphones that improve sound quality, while the camera has also improved its performance in low light conditions. The new Activation lock feature, meanwhile, allows you to lock lost devices.

The new 13-inch MacBook Pro with M1 chips from Apple Silicon will be available for a price of 1.449 euros, with discounts for students and education sector.

All the devices presented at the One more thing event will be available starting next week, and can be ordered from this Tuesday.

New MacBook Air

The second Apple computer with the M1 chip is The new ultralight 13-inch MacBook Air laptop, which allows greater autonomy and CPU performance up to 3.5 times better than the previous generation.

Likewise, graphics performance is up to 5 times higher than the previous generation, “the biggest leap on a MacBook to date”, allowing multiple 4K signals to be processed simultaneously.

Apple has said that the new 13-inch MacBook Air is faster than 98 percent of notebook PCs sold in the last year, up to 3 times faster than the competition.

The new MacBook Air uses 2x faster SSD memory It works without a fan to reduce noise. Its battery allows up to 15 hours of autonomy browsing the Internet, and 18 hours of video (6 more than its predecessor), as well as double the battery for each charge.

The display is a 13-inch Retina, and the new 13-inch MacBook Air includes a fingerprint reader on the power button for Touch ID access, protected by the secure enclave of the M1 chip.

The new 13-inch MacBook Air with M1 processor will be available from 1,129 euros, with discounts for students and education.

Mac Mini for dessert

Apple has also introduced its new M1 processor to another model of its Mac computers, the desktop model with compact Mac Mini design, which provides up to three times higher CPU performance than its Intel-chip predecessor.

On a graphical level, the Mac Mini’s GPU performance is increased by up to six over previous models, and it is up to 5 times faster than the best-selling desktop PC on the market. It is also up to 15 times faster in machine learning processing.

Apple Mini uses a thermal design, WiFi 6 wireless connectivity, physical Thunderbolt or USB 4 ports, support for 6K resolution through its HDMI 2.1 port, 3.5mm headphone jack and Ethernet.

Mac Mini will be available for a price of de 799 euros, cheaper than last year’s version.

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