Monday, March 4

So, it looks like Madonna just gave birth to a tree?

Pop legend Madonna and NFT artist Beeple have combined talents to create the Mother of Creation NFT project, in which a tree grows out of the singing icon’s vagina. It’s a shocker, of course, and quite bizarre, but is on trend for Madonna who has spent her career as a provocateur. However, we kind of think she may have misjudged this NFT.

The elements are there for something amazing; Beeple is behind the breakout NFT Everydays: the First 5000 Days, that set a new record for NFT sales and kickstarted everything and Madonna is, well… Madonna. Non-fungible tokens are a way to register digital files on the blockchain, creating scarcity. Read our NFT tips guide and advice to how to create an NFT for free to know more.

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