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So you can download and update Whatsapp quickly and easily

whatsapp is the instant messaging application worldwide favorite, with more than 2 billion active users monthly in 2020.

The social network acquired by Facebook, which on the 4th was more than six hours inoperative -together with his ‘brothers’ Facebook and Instagram-, is periodically introducing new features so as not to be left behind. And when a new update arrives, the old version of WhatsApp expires and becomes obsolete. Not immediately – it can take weeks or months – but, if it does, it is necessary to update the latest version to continue using WhatsApp.

People who have a device that uses Android, update WhatsApp through the Play Store. If the opposite has not been indicated and it has been configured in another way, the update is usually done automatically. Although it won’t if the device doesn’t have enough space to support the update.

In case you have to update it manually, the steps to follow are the following:

  1. Open Play Store and in the search bar, write ‘My apps and games’ or directly ‘Whatsapp’, and open it. Once opened, choose ‘Update’.

  2. In the menu, right next to the search bar, select ‘Manage apps and devices’ and, there, pending updates, where WhatsApp has to come out.

iOS technology

In case the device uses iOS, the update is somewhat more complex. To start, it is necessary to have iOS 10 or a higher version since last March, according to the instant messaging application itself: “To use WhatsApp on an iPhone, you need iOS 10 or a later version.” Users with iOS 9 can therefore no longer install WhatsApp, although those who had the ‘app’ already installed can continue to use it. However, they will end up losing functionality – if they haven’t already – and will eventually stop working.

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Subsequently, you access the App Store, then click on ‘Updates’ in the upper right. Then, the WhatsApp application is searched in the list and finally, choose ‘Update’.

To download it for the first time, the steps are the same: go to the Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices. In the searches you put ‘Whatsapp’, you give it to download and follow the indicated steps (put phone number, etc.).

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