Monday, February 6

So you can get three free months of Apple TV +, if you have a PS4 console

Today consoles are not just for gaming. Enjoy 3 months of Apple TV+ for free on your PS4 and 6 months on PS5, with no strings attached.

Since a few months, PS5 console users can activate 6 free months of Apple TV +. PS4 users felt a bit discriminated against, but that’s over: You can now get 3 free months of Apple TV + if you have a PS4 console.

It contrasts a little AppleTV+ is giving away months of subscriptions on PlayStation consoles or LG TVs, for example, while Netflix and Disney + are raising rates.

Apple TV+ Apple’s streaming platformwhich is characterized by only broadcast exclusive content. You won’t find anything here anywhere else. It has excellent series and movies, such as the funny football comedy series ted lassothe series based on role-playing games Mythic Questor the spectacular The foundationbased on the famous books by Asimov:

It also boasts of many other successful series, such as Separation, See, Amazing Tales, Dikinson, The Morning Show, and many more. for children, new series of Snoopy and the Muppets.

In the movies section, the latest film by Tom Hawks stands out, Flitch, On the Rocks, Greyhound, Queen of the Elephants, and much more. It also has movies from other platforms, for rent and purchase.

Its catalog is smaller than other platforms, but all its content is of great quality, and can be enjoyed at 4K resolution with HDR and Dolby Vision, with excellent quality.

To obtain three free months of Apple TV+ on your PS4 or six free months on your PS5you just need a PlayStation account and an Apple account who have never subscribed to Apple TV+. If you were already subscribed, please create another account to use here.

Just follow these steps:

  • Find the Apple TV App from the TV & Video section of your PS4 or PS5 console
  • Download and open the Apple TV App and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID or create an Apple ID if you don’t already have one
  • Enjoy your 3 or 6 month trial of Apple TV+

You don’t need to have an Apple device to create an Apple account. And while you need a PlayStation console to access the offer, once you’ve activated it you will be able to use this Apple account on any other devicefrom a Fire TV to the Apple TV + app of the TV itself.

Keep in mind that after those 3 or 6 months, Apple will automatically charge you a monthly payment of 4.99 euros. If you do not want to remain subscribed, cancel the subscription before the term expires, in the Options menu of the app. Even if you cancel you will enjoy your free trial until the end.

You have more information on this official page of the promotion.

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