Thursday, September 28

So you can watch movies on YouTube legally and for free

Despite the fact that it is the most used streaming service in the world, not everyone is aware of all the possibilities that YouTube offers users. Today we discover a secret that can cheer you up on all those boring afternoons in front of the sofa without knowing what to watch.

Never before have we had more audiovisual content at our fingertips. To watch series we don’t have to wait for the channel on duty to broadcast the episode of the week. And to watch movies you no longer have to go to the cinema (here’s a good free collection to watch on Pluto TV).

All that is a thing of the past. Now we can enjoy from the sofa at home and whenever we want. This is due to platforms such as Netflix, HBO Max, Filmin, Disney + or Prime Video. The possible drawback is that all three have the same gateway: a mandatory subscription.

Luckily, today we bring you an unexpected ally called YouTube. Google’s streaming service has several channels on its platform that are totally free and with a lot of movies in its library, ready for us to watch from home and without paying a single euro. Let’s see them:

1.Movie Central: Movie Central’s YouTube channel uploads content daily, sometimes even multiple times a day. You can find the occasional trailer or episode of a show, but most of the videos that appear are full movies. There are titles of all genres.

2.Mr Bean: Mr. Bean’s official YouTube channel has over 30 million subscribers, and everything on it is licensed and legal. You can find short, long, animated and live-action videos, all of which focus on Mr Bean. Perfect for a laugh.

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3. Horror Central: aimed at fans of the macabre. Every movie uploaded to the channel is a feature film and the titles are a good mix of well-known and independent films. All the movies you see on the YouTube channel are licensed and legal, so feel free to watch them.

4. Barbarella X: Science Fiction Movies: As the name suggests, the channel is mainly focused on the sci-fi genre, so if that’s what you’re looking for, look no further. It offers loads of free TV shows and movies on YouTube focused on science fiction, adventure, and fantasy.

5.Movie Express: If you are looking for Indian movies, but don’t have access to Indian TV, then this channel is what you need. Movie Express offers loads of full length movies that let you lose yourself in the drama, romance, action and comedy of Indian series and movies.

6. PizzaFlix: There are movies of tons of genres that you can enjoy, from comedy to action, thriller, romance and more. There are animated films, documentary-style videos and, of course, feature films. The channel has focused its efforts on “the preservation and discovery of the Golden Age of Hollywood and television.” Click here.

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